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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Meow? and Odd Jobs

big cat printA week or so ago, one of Big V’s horses got mauled and killed behind her place. We contacted the DNR people at the state park, who said, “there aren’t any big cats in this area. It must have been something else.” Um… claw marks on the horse’s neck (the photo we got is rather graphic, and would have been beating a… never mind) say different. As does the four-inch paw print one of the people helping with the lawn-care business found this morning — on the manor grounds no less. We went out and got a few pictures. Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.


If I’d thought it through, I would have painted the bottom of the cold frame last week — then I could have dropped it where it's going to go and painted the top. Oh well. I need to run to Home Despot to find some spinach (and maybe lettuce seed), plus a grocery run for some other stuff, so I can let the last of the paint dry while I'm gone. I’m thinking about taking Little Zook… it needs a warm-up run because it looks like I’ll be able to ride to work at least Monday and Tuesday.

It’s nice to have the sun making things warmer for a change.


  1. Gee, FAR, you got invisible pooty tats down there?? It would had to have been a big kitty! Don't let any pets out!

    I can't wait for warmer weather to start riding again!!

  2. I'm not gonna wait, Mrs. M. I'm about to make an errand run on the bike! Yay!

  3. Hey Far, good thing your taking Little Zook! You might need a quick get away if the big cat shows up!!

    I'd get ahold of the DNR again, armed with your photo.... It's really no laughing matter...

  4. I'm back after looking at the close-up. Sure looks cat like to me since it's more ovalish, as dog like would be more oblong in shape.

    Here's a trick, take a leaf rake and loosen up earth in the area you think he might be traveling, to get a better print.

    If I were you, I'd keep a good eye on my pets, especially after dark..

  5. Yooper, you're right. What typically happens when a new predator hits the local scene (especially one large enough to take down a horse ~ yikes) is that other animals quickly become its prey: deer, smaller cows, dogs, etc. Quite possibly there may be human victims too.

    The one that always freaked me out was this story:

    Can't find the reference to it now, but I remember reading at the time that according to the prints the cat left in the snow, it came up behind her after doing a fast running zigzag and then did the usual pounce with the biting action to the back of the neck. Probably the victim never heard or saw anything to give her warning.

    Far .. does that bike have rear-view mirrors, and can it put on some serious acceleration in a hurry?

  6. Yooper, Nudge, so far it's only attacking horses… which suggests it might be an escaped captive.

  7. i guess that Sasquatch is out of the question. That is kinda scary.

  8. Yeah, boran, the only Sasquatch we have to worry about is DD's boyfriend. And she has him pretty well under control.


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