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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring #5

The forecast low was 32 last night, but I don’t think it ever got down that far. It’s 39 now, according to two nearby weather stations — Weather Underground’s WunderMap is one cool piece of work — and we’ll stay above freezing the rest of the week.

I woke up a little early this morning, which is good. The last two mornings, Brand X has called needing a ride to school — Jam has some kind of intestinal bogey and has been blowing her groceries — and since I was still in bed, I didn’t have time to make coffee before jumping in the car. That’s brutal… starting early without coffee. Not an issue this morning, thankyouverymuch. It was also good because the fire was down to a few coals. Mrs. Fetched had brought in some small sticks last night, perhaps anticipating this might happen, so I had it quickly rebuilt.

Unfortunately, we’re out of cat food, so the cats will be having a bad day for a while.


  1. Starting the day w/out coffee ... that is rough. :-)

    Did the cats get their vittles?

  2. I've been up early as well. I've had difficulty staying asleep lately.

    I hope that you've gotten some coffee, and some cat food.

  3. Hi guys!

    O, DoubleRed is supposed to bring cat food when she comes home. Sprite is fat enough that he could live a while, although Aries is mostly trim.

    Boran, I had my coffee while I was typing this morning. Then I had a little more when I got to work.

    Tomorrow, I work at home. First item on the agenda is to make coffee.

  4. Gee Spring? Whatsdat? We're bracing for yet another blizzard, time to batten down the hatches, again...

  5. Good luck, Yooper. The only time I've seen a blizzard down here though (1993), it was late March. That was… very strange. Especially since trees were going down, 18" of snow and not a plow in sight.

  6. Just got back from taking the dog rabbit hunt'en. One foot off the beated trail and you're almost stuck, snow right up to the butt.. ha!

    Gee, this internet thing has really helped with my cabin fever! ha! Well, maybe a little bit anyway! ha! heheh!

  7. Funny (and true) story from 1993: we got down to the in-laws (had a Jeep at the time) and Mrs. Fetched told the kids to stay close. The Boy (age 5 at the time) did his usual zip out the door… and disappeared into a snowdrift!


    "Where are you?"

    "In here!" We had to lift him out of the snow. On Planet Georgia!

  8. Hey FAR,
    Lucky you on the spring part. Unlucky on the no coffee part! Best purchase I made a while back was getting a KitchenAid programmable coffee maker ... set it up before bed and it's ready when you are!

    No Spring here, just more weird weather (check out the blog for details) including flooding and hail today! Can the locusts be far behind?

  9. IVG, I went and checked it out. Hail & flood? I've seen January hail here, but it's not something that happens every year. I'm surprised the city hasn't put some signs up warning about the water depth… or come out & close the road when it happens.

    The forecast for tomorrow night shows snow… but with a low of 39F, I don't see how.


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