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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After the Deluge

Swollen creekOf all the disasters FAR Manor is heir to, natural and not (cough chicken house cough), flooding doesn’t make the list. We’re on top of a hill, a good 40 feet or so above (and half a mile away from) the nearest creek. If we ever had to worry about flooding, I’d board the ark as it floated by.

If I had to guess, I’d say we probably got close to 12 inches of rain in the last week, half of that over the weekend. I took this pic yesterday evening on the way home from work; it’s somewhat down from its crest earlier in the afternoon. Mrs. Fetched, with her penchant for overstatement, told me a different creek was about to come over the road earlier in the afternoon — which would have put it roughly 8 feet over its banks — but by the time I crossed, it was just a few inches over its banks, no big deal.

But still, that’s not to say that we’re completely unaffected by heavy rain. Indeed, we had a couple of occasions where heavy rains gave us more trouble than usual getting in and out of FAR Manor (that occasion was brought on by 6 inches of rain in one hour). The county re-did the culverts that got washed out and they seem to have all held up this time.

In short, what you might have seen on TV the last couple nights wasn’t anywhere near the manor. The sun actually came out this afternoon, and things are getting quickly back to (what passes for) normal around here. Down in the 'burbs and in the city proper, it sounds like they might still have some drainage or repair issues to get past.


  1. Good to hear you all are high and dry.

  2. Yup, me too! My sister-in-law is too dry — their water is shut off, not sure if the main is broken or contaminated or what.

  3. I'm glad that all is well at the Manor.

  4. Or at least no worse than usual, Boran. ;-)

  5. its good to be on high ground....

    we've had a lot of rain this summer, much more than usual.

  6. Hi Crafty. The first half of summer here was quite dry, now the second half has been very wet. We're supposed to get more rain tomorrow and Sunday.


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