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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obligatory Grandson pic, and Update

Mason sleepingOK, I was going for arty: dump the color, bump up the contrast. I like it anyway.

The Boy and Snippet (and Mason) spent a couple days at the manor, giving the new grandparents a little bonding time with the new guy and giving the parental units a little distance from their current housing situation. It seems that their roomie, who was working at the same place as The Boy, managed to get himself fired back in July. He supposedly has been looking for work ever since, but hasn’t managed to actually find any. The Boy, imbued with a new (perhaps pregnancy-induced) sense of responsibility, gamely tried to hold up both ends of the situation. He even tried to continue paying us what he owed for the move-in, and actually managed to keep it going until the end of August. He had to let his cellphone bill slide, but managed — just barely — to keep the rent caught up and chow in the pantry. Then he got swine flu and had to stay out of work for about a week and a half. He’s been there long enough to get medical benefits, fortunately, but not long enough to get sick leave. That pretty much stuck a skewer in their finances.

For a little while, it looked like they’d be moving back to the manor. I wasn’t thrilled about it, nor was he, and Daughter Dearest even less so, but: a) it wasn’t The Boy’s fault his roomie wasn’t holding up his end; b) none of us were about to let a newborn live in a car if it could be avoided. Fortunately, it looks like they hooked up with someone who has work and will be able to manage half the rent; the apartment management will help to remove the non-performing guy if necessary. So the whole boarder-friction thing has been averted for now. As it is, we’ll be seeing a lot of them for a while. At least I hope so.

Now to go print off some pix and send them to the newly-minted great-grandparents…


  1. The new guy is beautiful.

    So glad THE BOY came through his bout of swine flu okay. Sorry to hear about the financial stuff; will keep fingers crossed that it all works out for them.

  2. Thanks, Kimber. Obviously, I'm hoping it all works out for them too.

  3. Glad that it looks like they have a roommate replacement and the management will help get the nonperformer out. Hope they can get caught up on the finances. Have definitely been in that place were you think you juuuuust have things worked out and them whammo! some sort of crap like flu or a trasportation breakdown just screws the crap out of the situation. Good to hear that it sounds like The Boy is growing up some with the arrival of the little one. Great pic too.

  4. Yeah, that sudden realization that you're responsible for this precious little life really WILL cause you to give yourself lectures about pulling your socks up, being a better provider, et. al.

    It's the damnedest thing, and I'm more than willing to bet you went through it yourself back in the day. Likely we all do to some extent... it's sort of basic biology.

    Personally I think anyone who's got a good heart to start with will prove to be an excellent parent, regardless how clueless s/he's been re: managing their own affairs... because it quickly becomes apparent that it ain't just your own affairs now, and you suddenly feel a powerful urge to get them in order, if for no other reason than for the little one.

    Hope you're enjoying Mason. He's a cute little guy.

  5. Awww! What a beautiful face!

    I'm hoping for better things financially speaking.

    Sorry to hear about The Boy and swine flu. I'm glad that he's well.

  6. Hey all!

    Wooly, I think we've all been there. In my case, on several occasions!

    Gord, as I recall we pretty much had our finances in order the day Mrs. Fetched showed me the blue test strip… or at least we both had insurance that (between them) covered all but a couple hundred bucks of the entire bill. But there were definitely changes in my outlook. And yeah, I agree that Mason's a cute guy. But maybe I'm just a weeeeee bit biased.

    Boran, we're hoping for better financial tiding too… but it seems like he's finally waking up to the stuff he's done in the past — and even if we're not 100% happy with everything, at least he's trying to do the right things now. Mostly. ;-)


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