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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mason & Moptop Hang Ornaments

Mrs. Fetched wanted the kids to participate…

Kids hanging ornaments

Of course, now that Mason hung ornaments up, he thinks he’s supposed to go pull them off. The pile of boxes make a barricade of sorts, but Mason has demonstrated some pretty good problem-solving skills in getting through it: “Okay… I pull this box back, push this chair forward, and I’m through!”

I’m trying to remember what we did when The Boy and Daughter Dearest were that age… seems like we had the smarts to downscale and uplift the grab-ables. Oh well.


  1. When I was little Mom hung the fragile stuff up high and she bought some soft stuffed ornaments for my my sister and I to hang up on the bottom branches. I still have one of them and I still hang it on the bottom.

  2. Hey Wooly!

    I forgot to mention, Mrs. Fetched had me pick him up and handed me a fragile ball to hang up higher. He snatched it out of my hand before I could react and threw it on the floor. It shattered on the second bounce.

    Most of the lower-branch stuff isn't breakable — yeah, Mrs. Fetched isn't that inflexible. But after I posted, he gathered up some wooden houses and put them in the lower branches with a little help from Moptop.


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