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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long November, Sick Grandkid

This “winter” has been one long November on Planet Georgia. The mini-winters that make up the season have been few and far between so far. I’ve actually had to stretch the definition to designate the last couple of days Winter #2 — it didn’t stay below freezing through the day, and the forecast sleet and “wintry mix” never materialized. I guess the Mountain West and Europe have been getting all their winter and ours to boot. It’ll be March in a couple weeks, so time is running out.

Meanwhile, the weather got to Mason: he’s had a cold for the last week and a half. He was pretty good about it at first, but in the last few days he’s run out of patience. He’s cranky, doesn’t want to eat much, and his sleep cycles are all out of whack. He really needs to eat; it would probably make him (and us) feel better. I really don’t know how he manages to get by on a handful of fruit and liquids (juice and a little milk), but he doesn’t look starved yet. And yet, he’s spreading the misery. Mrs. Fetched says she’s taking him to the doctor tomorrow, but she’s been saying that for a week now.

However, he has figured out how to use the iPad. He can wake it up and find a game (or Adobe Ideas, a nice finger-painting app), even if he doesn’t quite understand how to play just yet. His favorite game is Otto Matic, right now. Even “better,” he’s figured out that my iPhone has most of the same games — which means I can’t give Twitter a look without Mason crawling into my lap and trying to grab my phone. It did come in handy over the weekend though, when we were trying to keep him from nodding off in the car before lunch: I handed him the phone and he took it from there.

Tax time is here, but I’ve already done ¾ of the work: just waiting on Mrs. Fetched to get me the business expenses and car taxes.

I downloaded the Blogger app for my iPhone over the weekend, thinking maybe it would help me compose stuff at lunch. Kind of, yeah… if it bothers to save drafts. Google needs to do some serious work on that app, or make a mobile-friendly dashboard. It’s best feature is (again, when it saves) the ability to upload photos from the phone.

Oh, remember Prince Stinky? He disappeared for a couple weeks, but came back with a little matted fur but otherwise fine. I think he has a first home somewhere nearby, and comes here to visit when he needs a little weirdness in his life. Mrs. Fetched is making noises about getting him fixed, so he won’t spray everything (Daughter Dearest says he even scented my car last weekend).

Winter and headcolds both go away, so things will soon improve at FAR Manor. Just gotta wait it out.


  1. How do you respond Mason willfully crawls into your lap to steal your phone? Do you explain that it's rude? Do you discipline? Maybe figure it's a fight you can't win, or he's too young to understand?

  2. I don't let him have the phone unless he asks politely. Usually, if I stick the phone in my pants pocket, he leaves it alone. Shirt pocket = fair game in his mind. But most of the time, he'll do something else (he mostly wants attention). I don't think it's right to discipline him for wanting to sit in my lap, even if he has an ulterior motive.

  3. Oh I hope the little boy and the rest of your family is feeling fine very soon. So glad Prince Stinky has returned safe and sound. Don't work too hard doing those taxes! ^__^

  4. Helen, the wife did indeed take him to the doctor today! She prescribed him some kind of medicine that Mason hates taking but does make him feel better. I hope he'll get his appetite back soon.

    Yup, ol' Stinky has left his calling card in the garage, and the taxes are going faster than normal. I should have them done tomorrow!


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