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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writing Wibbles

As always, we’ll start by welcoming a new follower to the free-range insane asylum: T.K. Millen, The Unknown Writer! Your badge is on the desk; sit anywhere you like, the inmates won’t even know you’re here. ;-)

I tweeted Monday: “In my dreams, #WhitePickups is a TV series.” And Lacy Gonzales, may God smile upon her, replied, “me too. Of course I also dream of reading it on my kindle app some day. #hint” So I guess it’s time to start getting serious about rolling it out. I need to set a firm date, April something I think, and get a move on. That might be enough incentive to get back onto Pickups and Pestilence as well.

Michelle Warren came up with this great pic that pretty much says it all about eBook pricing. Pretty much puts it all in perspective, huh? Since she said “share this image” I’m sharing it. I was tempted to Photoshop my White Pickups cover over hers, but that would have been rude.

There was a little more chatter about eBook pricing on a writer’s blog last week. I personally won’t pay more than paperback prices for an eBook, simply because they have less value than a paperback. You can’t pass them around or resell them. I can see hardcover pricing at initial release, but it’s more than a little ridiculous to price them higher than hardcovers. I’ve found some fantastic stuff in what some call the dross factory — some with typos, some without.

I’m thrilled to find my scifi/detective novelette Xenocide was spotlighted by Michael K Rose in #BuyIndieMonth — go check out some of the other spotlighted work too! (Oh, and Xenocide is only 99 cents, and I think I need 20 more sales to actually get a royalty check, hint hint subtle as a sledgehammer. :-)

Seeing several of my writing friends starting a mailing list, I openly questioned what the benefits are on Twitter. Ryan Hill responded with a link to episode 90 of the Functional Nerds podcast (hosted by my tweeps Patrick Hester and John Anelio) that talked about exactly that issue. So now I’m seriously considering jumping on the bandwagon. If I do start a mailing list thought, I’ll want to make it worthwhile for people to get those once- or twice-monthly blasts. I envision it will have “first looks” at previews and short stories, and maybe even some exclusive content. Definitely discounts for subscribers.

Don’t let me shout into an empty room — what’s going on with your writing or reading?


  1. From the few major author email lists to which I am subscribed, I will generally receive 2 to 3 emails per year, usually to promote the launch of a new book or for a holiday greeting. One prominant non-fiction author sends ARC-type information (new case study or other interesting material) for evaluation and comment. The emails are all professional yet have a personal feel -- they have not included coupons, discounts, freebies or other offers to entice a purchase. That's my experience thus far.

  2. Hey Larry! Yes, you SHOULD get a move-on! (Coming from the girl who needs her own moving-on)

    Yeah, I loved that Michelle Warren thing on FB. I shared it, too. Ridiculous how things are valued... although if I was on a desert island and hadn't had coffee for a while I might be tempted...

  3. Thanks for the info, Rachel. I'm subscribed to some downlist authors' lists and none of them are monthly. Maybe 4-6 per year, and for the same things. All of them say "one per month, maybe two if something's happening" and none of them have hit those maxima yet. As far as discounts etc., my thought was to offer people an incentive for subscribing. I suspect major authors don't consider this because their publishers control the pricing.

    Cathy, I really wanted to roll it out back in September! That would have been pushing my luck though. Fortunately, I knew I didn't know the details and didn't hold myself to a bad decision. As for desert islands, I would wake up when I felt like it… so I wouldn't need coffee!

  4. Hey Larry I'm with Cathy - get a move on! ^__^

    Congrats on Xenocide being spotlighted - a good read!

    As for mailing lists I'm only on one at the moment and that's Icy's.

    E-books are such a great price although I do have to say I'm a bit of an old fashioned girl and I still like the feel of a book in my hands. I'm slowly coming round though and even thinking of it for my own novel ^__^
    which is being beta read for the final time as we speak.


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