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Monday, February 20, 2012

Racing to Recovery

Mason’s cold has about run its course — he’s back to his old (usually) cheerful self — and hallelujah, he’s sleeping all night more often than not!

The Boy is starting to send some cash to cover what he owes us (oh that’s right, it is 2012). So we were in the local Mal*Wart to pick up the wired cash, and guess what was crouching just past the front door? Mason got all excited and walked all the way around it, then I got him to stand in front of it so I could get a picture. “Mason and race car!” he said, pointing to the picture; he’s not referring to himself as “Boy” now.

Speaking of The Boy, he and Snippet are officially on the outs again. Or was as of two days ago. She hadn’t been “home” for a while, and The Boy now says he’s going to get his own apartment when the lease runs out. Having heard similar things before, we’ll believe it when it happens. I am so glad we don’t have to deal with that drama up close and personal anymore. I guess the breakup will be truly official when Snippet moves back to Planet Georgia.

And speaking of Snippet, her mom (i.e. Mason’s other grandma) came to visit on the weekend. He enjoyed hanging out with her. While she was here, we — that is, the wife, her mom, and I — planted a couple fig trees out back. “We need to plant them where they’ll be sheltered from the north wind,” said the mother-in-law. You know, I never thought I’d actually use that Compass app… never say never, right? We ended up planting them behind the house. Maybe they’ll actually give a fig.

Now that Mason’s better, things are getting peaceful at FAR Manor. Time for something else to happen.


  1. Look at sweet little Mason... he's adorable! Glad to see he's getting all better.

  2. What a big boy! He looks adorable in that photo. Give Mason a hug for me!

  3. That is a cute photo! And congratulations, Grandpa, on getting to sleep through the night again.

  4. Aww doesn't Mason just look so cute! I bet he did love being photographed with that car.

  5. Hi all!

    Yup, Loni, I call him The World's Cutest Grandkid for a reason!

    Boran, he got the hug — growing tall like a beanpole. I think he's going to be one of those people who can go for a week on a handful of chow.

    Thanks, John — interrupted sleep is something I don't miss when it's gone!

    Helen, when I suggested he stand in front of it so I could take a picture, he ran right to it and stood for me. Not even 3, and he's got one item scratched off his bucket list. :-D


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