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Monday, May 20, 2013


I appreciate all who came by to offer well-wishes, or even just to enter the raffle!

So who won?!

You really want to know? OK…

Kindle 4: Bessamy S.
$20 Amazon gift card: Chuck Allen
All my eBooks: EJ Hobbs
Pickups and Pestilence: Erin Albert

Congrats, everyone! I’ve emailed the winners using the addresses they left in the rafflecopter… so if you don’t get your email, check your spam filter or contact me here. I’ll get the prizes out as soon as I get confirmations.


  1. Congratulations, everybody! What are you going to spend it on, Chuck?

  2. I was hoping for the books. I've yet to dive in most of 'em.

  3. Thanks so much Larry! Such an awesome surprise!


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