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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Escape from FAR Manor: Family

For pix of the beach trip, scroll down or jump to the previous post

These trips north give us all a chance to escape the free-range insane asylum, and gives me a chance to see my family. Dad has Alzheimer’s these days, which makes it difficult for him. He’s in a facility where they can keep him comfortable, and I suppose that’s the best that can be said. Other Brother and his family lives nearby, so he at least gets regular visits.

Despite the issues, he’s still Dad. He reads quite a bit. Remembering how to work a TV remote is a little beyond him, so one of the staff turns it on for him and he just unplugs it when he’s ready for some quiet. He does retain some of what he reads; he could tell me a little about the book he was reading when we came in. I think I should send him a monthly letter with pictures; maybe it will help.

He has a rather odd narrative of how he ended up here: he was at an assisted living joint for a while, and liked it there. He says two guys from the place invited him out for a walk, then abandoned him; he got cold-cocked and woke up in this place. What actually happened was that he got an infection in a leg muscle that got to the point of blood poisoning; between that and the Alzheimer’s, he doesn’t remember the hospital stay or the transfer.

Some of my other uncles are not doing so great, so we’re planning to see one or two tomorrow. We’ll hit a winery while we’re out. Combining trips is important when you have to leave Friday for the old grind…


  1. Hiya Larry,

    That's a great picture of you and your Dad. I think the monthly letter with pictures is a great idea. I think for people that even don't have Alzheimer's and are separated from their families that's a good idea.

    BTW when I came back on the net and came over here to FarManor, I couldn't believed how much Mason had grown. I think the last time I saw him he was just in the learning to walk stage. They grow up so fast.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation and take care.


  2. His version is definitely much more exciting.

  3. It's great that you can get to see your Dad and that he's doing ok. I think sending him the monthly newsletter with pictures is a great idea. Perhaps one of your brothers could give it to him and tell him who the people are if he doesn't recognise any of them.

  4. Hey Whit! Yup, Mason's starting kindergarten on Friday. He got the orientation yesterday & is itching to make the playground his own.

    Patricia, as I mentioned in the later post, he can remember things that made some kind of impact (or more accurately, got him riled).

    Helen, at least his personality is intact. I'm not sure he remembered my name, but he did know I was his son. We've already arranged that I'll send the newsletter to my brother and he'll take it over to Dad.


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