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Monday, July 20, 2015

Send in the Crowd

So over the weekend, Daughter Dearest drafted me to help her fiance move… to FAR Manor. With The Boy moving his stuff back to Newnan, the other upstairs bedroom is open and so there’s room.

This IS my happy face. Especially at 6am.
Just what I always wanted: get dragged out of bed at 6am on a Saturday. She also recruited BrandX to help as well. He drove the truck (pulling a trailer), and we took the minivan (with the center and back seats removed to make room for Stuff.

Oh, did I mention he has joint custody of three boys from a previous marriage? Only one of which is his? So it wasn’t just his stuff, it was his and the boys’. At least he had coffee and biscuits waiting for us. I drank four cups of coffee to get functional for the day, and that was about as much as the Jitter Control Module could take.

In the end, we got everything packed. With no room to spare anywhere. We had some issues with mattresses wanting to escape the trailer, and finally found a long extension cord in the truck to tie them down better.

Back at the manor, we had enough energy left to unload the trailer and the bed of the truck. There was a bunch of small stuff behind the seats in the truck (an extended-cab Tacoma) that didn’t get removed… and then The Boy took off with the truck. Daughter Dearest was rather furious.

So expect some more really weird reality in the coming months. I have to come up with blog names for the new players.


  1. Moving is fun! Said nobody... ever. When I moved cross country from Idaho to North Carolina, the head mover commented on how few possessions I had compared to many people. I took it as a sincere compliment. Fast forward to moving back to Idaho a couple of years later and the moving company managed to deliver my stuff three weeks late. That was a fabulous three weeks of camping out in my own home.

  2. Ha! When I moved from Michigan to Florida, I stuffed my old Rambler with essentials, knowing the furniture and other stuff would be a few days behind. I stayed in hotels for the intervening days, since the employer was footing the bill for the move.

  3. Moved every few years for a while, but we've been in the same house for the last 15 years. I dare not contemplate moving.

    Best wishes on the new living arrangements!

  4. I feel your pain. I have certain relatives who are not allowed to help me move, ever again. Yes, they gave me some used furniture and brought lunch, but they also lost/damaged existing possessions and nearly got me kicked out of my apartment on the very first day.

    It sounds like everything is going to work out here, though. I hope the truck still had the small stuff in it when it came back!

  5. Sounds like your house is never empty - rather you than me I like my peace and quiet ^_^


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