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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

August Cover Wars!

I entered Beyond the Sea of Storms in the Masquerade Crew’s Cover Wars promo for August. Go check it out, and vote every day:

Click the pic to go vote!
So which covers stand out for me?

My own, of course!
So I'm a sucker for gears…

Dragons… need I say more?
Takes me back to 1978!

There’s 30 covers, and you can vote for up to 25 per day. I’d appreciate it if you guys could bump me into the next round (and maybe these other three covers as well).

Go forth and vote! And do it again tomorrow!


  1. I'll give it up for Dragon Love. As overdone as dragon fiction, and thereby dragon covers, are, that one is striking. Good balance of colors and expression.

  2. I love all of them except for the gears one -- something about it seems stilted. Yours is the most beautiful and has the benefit of being striking because it uses negative space, but the other dragon one is well done, and the retro-70s one is fab just for being retro-70s. The only way to improve the 70s one is to put a crease mark down the middle :-).


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