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Thursday, August 20, 2015

School is Now in Session

Did you SEE that playground?
As I have said before, Planet Georgia starts school way-too-dang-early and “makes up” by scheduling a bunch of off-days through the year. The upshot is, what used to be a three-month summer break is now only two months. This makes things difficult for vacations, because the entire month of August is no longer available.

This becomes more significant this year, because Mason has started kindergarten. While I was last dropping off kids at school… oh, about eight years ago I guess, I’ve been taking him to pre-school for the last couple years. It works out well on days I work at home, since his school is about five miles closer than the pre-school he went to last year.

He’s doing pretty well. He went into kindergarten already able to read a little, and to count well past 200 (and can do addition in his head). We were afraid he would be bored, but so far so good. He’s getting good behavior reports daily, because he saves up the acting-out stuff for when he gets home. :-P

As for school itself, it seems slightly disorganized… which might be appropriate for kindergarten. The school sent a child-oriented planner, but they don’t use it for anything. We’re trying to decide what to do with it. His teacher had a family emergency on Curriculum Day, when they invited the parents in to tell us what they’re working on this year, but that wasn’t her fault. Just the usual glitches, I suppose.

Meanwhile, Daughter Dearest has begun teaching music full-time at a different elementary school (same county) this year. The former “other” teacher snarfed all the material the two of them jointly worked on, and then DD’s work computer ate itself, so she has to start from scratch.

So there’s a big milestone for two of the FAR Manor inmates.


  1. Replies
    1. I was going to say the same thing!!! Whatchoo feeding that boy, Larry?

  2. He's growing up so quickly, looks a sweetie, glad he's getting on alright at school ^_^

  3. Hi all!

    Maria, Cathy, he's like The Boy at that age—loves veggies, fruit, cheese, and a little meat. He likes his junk food, of course, but he doesn't try to live on it.

    Helen, he *can* be a sweetie. But he has his dark side…

  4. Yay Mason!

    School in August, though -- I can see the pedagogical arguments (some kids forget a lot over the summer), but I'm still not convinced it's a good idea. I hope the school's heating/cooling/insulation is suitable for August occupation. When I was in high school, a good June heat wave would always mean one or two students fainting.


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