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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Tooth Will Out

One of Mason’s teeth has been loose for some time now, and getting ever looser. Tonight, it was hanging by a thread… first figuratively, then literally. Wife decided it needed to come out lest it fall out and get swallowed in his sleep. Join us for the action, the drama, the complete lack of blood…

Now he’s eagerly awaiting his first visit from the Tooth Fairy, of course. He’s been trying to amass enough money to get some kind of toy… not sure if it’s a set of toy soldiers or a Lego thing this week. I guess we’ll see.

I got him to curl his lip down for a clear shot of the tooth. He isn’t distressed, he’s just mugging.

It’s outta there!
Man, those milestones are moving by fast…


  1. Soon enough he'll be trying to knock them out for fun and profit!

  2. How exciting. I hope the Tooth Fairy is generous. ;)

  3. John, he was waxing dramatic earlier, afraid it would 1) hurt; 2) bleed. But with one down, the others are sure to follow!

    Patricia, he got a better haul than I ever did! :-D

  4. LOL what's the tooth fairy paying these days? In my day it was sixpence ^_^

  5. Haha, Helen, he got $1.50, which is almost a whole pound! I'd get a dime or quarter, which I guess is close to sixpence.


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