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Sunday, April 23, 2006


More stuff blooming around FAR Manor this morning:

What’s up at your place? Sound off in the comments or just point to a link on your own blog!


  1. I spent all of my Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm raking my backyard and getting things back together. Thought I had raked so well that no more trash would be found. WRONG!! Scott and Tim and crew came over yesterday for a BBQ and horseshoes. Tim found a carburator cover to a lawn mower and some sort of plastic purse thing. Scotts wife found a screw driver and some glass (yikes), all this was found playing horseshoes. I guess the shoes stired up some more crap, I commented that a metal detector would probably blow a curcuit if you had one back there.

    BTW your place looks nice.

  2. Is anonymous spamming your blog? If so then I guess nothing is safe from that stuff.

  3. Farfetched it looks like you have an outstanding yard. I think you put a lot more effort into yours than I do mine.

    I think I understand what you were talking about with the spamming now.

  4. It's amazing what just turns up in the back yard. Around here, you can pick a garden clean of rocks and there will be more next year. Now if you really want to find buried treasure, get a roto-tiller.

    I can't really take credit for the yard; this is the first year I'm having anything to do with it. Mrs. Fetched has been dealing with the flowers, and the trees and larger bushes were planted by previous owners. I've finally gotten tired enough of the moss to do something about it this year, though.

  5. Very pretty!! I don't have anything in my yard yet, as it's a new yard. But other people have daffodils and forsythias out now, but that's about it so far...


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