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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Third time the charm?

In the Roundup post below, I mentioned that Lobster was supposed to cough up the rent but I figured he wouldn’t. This one was a little on the spectacular side.

So yesterday evening, Mrs. Fetched caught him and asked him if he had the rent money.

“No,” he said. “That’s not important. I don’t have to pay it anyway.”

“Then pack up and get out,” said Mrs. Fetched, starting to switch to Battle Mode.

“You can’t make me leave,” he said, “it’s against the law.” (Have I mentioned that Lobster has pretty much turned off his brain lately?)

I chimed in at this point, “Show me a lease, foo’.” He had a chance to sign an agreement, which could perhaps have been construed as a lease, but never did it.

Mrs. Fetched didn’t say too much, but I’ve seen her Axe Murderer look before. Charles Manson would have thought twice before messing with someone giving him that look. After disagreeing with our choice to drop off his stuff, Lobster suddenly realized he needed to be at work and left precipitously.

Next thing I knew, garbage bags were dropping down the stairs and landing in the hallway. I went up to help, and so did The Boy. We loaded up all his stuff, dropped it on his parents’ porch (after calling them), then went to get groceries. Since Lobster works across the highway from the supermarket, I popped into the KFC to let him know where his stuff was, not to come back to FAR Manor, and to let us know if anything was missing. Having heard nothing since then, I presume he has it all.

Never say never, but I don’t think he’s coming back. I guess he just finished wearing out his welcome. This (unfortunately) being a real-life soap opera, nobody is ever completely written out of the script — but everyone is glad to see him go. After talking to Mrs. Fetched the way he did, I guess he’s lucky he didn’t have to pick his teeth off the floor with broken fingers or something.


  1. I hope things calm down a little with Lobster gone. How's The Boy doing with the diabetes? It seems like such a difficult thing for a boy his age to deal with.

  2. Oh, I haven't mentioned that — and forgive me for getting so far behind at E4T, by the way!

    That event with “Jimi” freaked him out so badly that he wants nothing further to do with needles & stopped taking his Lantus entirely. Not good. He also has managed to misplace both of his meters. Also not good. His endocrinologist is going to have plenty to say to him in a week or so when he goes in....

  3. Glad to hear Lobster's gone, not glad to hear about the boy not keep up with his diabetes.

    Where did you get that picture? That by far is very funny.

  4. I think he and The Boy were playing around with the camera one night, and they didn’t delete the shots. There’s a couple more where Lobster flashes some booby(s), but I like this one best.

  5. Sorry to hear about all the turmoil as of late Larry, but it does sound like this bout with Lobster will be for the best. Not so good to hear about The Boy though. My thoughts are with you and yours.


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