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Monday, July 17, 2006

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Sometimes, it’s best to bring the camera along instead of wishing you had.

A bus stop bench near where my uncle Sonny used to live. Look carefully at the model (click on the pic to get a bigger image).

If I could choose my clients, it might not be a bad deal!

I had a look inside. It was full of spelling books.

I’ll bet he’s against gay marriage. Only a Republican would miss the irony....


  1. Fred Fister sounded funny enough that I had to Google it. I found his campaign web page, but it doesn't say where he stands on anything at all. Maybe he's counting on the hilarious name doing the trick.

  2. Oh wow, that's great! That expression in his photo is enough to make you wonder.

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm having a look at your blog too... I had a crappy time of it in school too, but mostly because of the little $#!+s that I had to attend with.


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