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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Three fools in a pool

The Boy, me, and Daughter Dearest at the resort last weekend. I have since had major bush-hogging done to my hair.


  1. Good to see you were having some fun and not filling up gas tanks or working on the chicken coops.

    I'm in need of a major bush-hogging myself. Goes along with the slacker in me. Longer hair is to much trouble, but the slacker I am, I'm to lazy to go and get a haircut.

    If only all problems were that simple.

  2. You should let it grow long ... :~)

  3. FM, that's my "problem" too. FIrst I don't want to get a haircut, then I kind of want to but can't be bothered to make the time for it, then it gets annoying to the point where I pretty much have to do something about it.

  4. Hey Olivia, I'd love to let to grow out — especially since I don't know much longer it will be before it falls out — but I start getting hassled from Mrs. Fetched & others about the time it gets to where I like it.


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