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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cookout Preparations

Tomorrow is Labor Day, and (at least in the US) that means the traditional “good-bye summer’ cookout. Amazingly, we ended up not doing any chicken house work today — and there was much rejoicing, although that does mean we’ll be pounding at it tomorrow.

We spent the afternoon shopping for everything from jeans to plumbing supplies to groceries. We picked up salmon to grill tomorrow, and I’ve already got a side dish going — I took some of the dehydrated tomatoes, reconstituted them, and tossed them into a marinade with red bell peppers (from the back yard), mushrooms, and some fresh herbs. That should make a good side dish for the salmon!

What kind of cookout plans do you have for tomorrow?


  1. Hi FAR,

    We'll grill something, but not fish. And make coleslaw. And sit on the patio. I hope.

    Will you have to work with Chickens tomorrow?

  2. Hey KB. Yeah, the chicken houses are waiting for us, but we'll be done in time to start cooking.

    You getting over your cold?

  3. Mmmm, salmon. (in a Homer Simpson voice)

    I'll be startng the long trek home.

  4. Morning FAR, KB and boran.

    I've never been big on grilling, so none of that for me today. FMom and I will sit back and have a quiet day today.

    KB hope you get some time on the patio.

    boran hope ya'll have an easy and safe trip back home.

  5. Oh yeah, Boran, this has been vacation week for you! How did it go?

    FM, I'd love to be having a day like yours. No rels to deal with on a holiday? Magnifico!

  6. What the heck was that??

    No cooking out here, FAR. Never have learned to grill meat. I was a vegetarian from age 22-42, so missed those vital "learn to cook meat" years. Friends swear it's easy, but I can't figure how you know when the middle is done without slicing into it and losing all of the juices. So I'll cook a frozen stir-fry instead...the life of a single girl.

    Enjoy your cookouts, everyone!

  7. Hey Beth, we had a drive-by spammer.

    The local Kroger had cedar planks on sale, half price, so I cooked the salmon on that. Easy as can be: soak the planks for an hour, grill for three minutes, flip, add the salmon, put out any cedar fires, the fish is done in 12 minutes. Mrs. Fetched's granny loved the fish and ended up having three helpings!

    I've been flirting with going vegetarian myself, simply because it's so much easier to avoid cholesterol that way. :-)

  8. Hi FAR, we did get some patio time. But not much. It was a crazy weekend -- there wasn't a single moment we could have taken a walk yesterday!

    And last night I dreamed that Nancy and I stopped by to help you clean the Chicken Houses!!

    I'm exhausted.

  9. kb, akkk!! lol!

    I don't know how I missed this pre-labor day post, far, but here I am reporting in late--spent it writing happily.

    Years ago, I was on the verge of turning vegetarian when. . .I married a cattleman. :) No way I could be THAT hypocritical. Now he's gone (from my life), but the hamburgers stay.

  10. KB, I agree with Nancy: akkk!! LOL! As it turns out, we didn't get them all done, although I don't think that was in the cards anyway. I can relate to the crazy weekend part; at least you got a little patio time.

    Nancy, better late than never, eh? My interest in cutting back (or eliminating) meat is primarily health-related rather than any kind of moral imperative. (Or just being disgusted by the chicken business — I eat chicken in token vengeance!) What I've done already has helped me lose a fair amount of weight, so it seems to be working.


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