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Monday, September 24, 2007


Mrs. Fetched and I had a quarrel yesterday, first in quite a while. It’s been building for some time, after she fell back into the habit of refusing to drive anywhere but commenting on anything she perceived as a flaw in my driving. She finally bounced a check at the Resentment Bank (remind me to post that essay sometime), and I barked something like, “Fine! You’re doing the driving from now on!” Daughter Dearest doesn’t like those episodes very much, and she wasn’t feeling good anyway, so she ate something and went upstairs.

I had agreed to help with the chickens after lunch, since DD wasn’t 100%, but Mrs. Fetched said she didn’t want my help. Fine with me, I thought, and poked around online for a while. About an hour later, “not wanting help” became “but I need it anyway,” when she found a jammed curtain cable. She was civil while I fixed the cable (which involved dismantling a jammed pulley then tightening it to prevent a reoccurrence) and for the rest of the day. By this morning, she was acting pretty friendly (not that friendly, just not hostile).

As she explained it to someone else a while back, “I yell at him, he yells at me, then it’s all better.” But I’d be happier without the running commentary in the first place.


  1. Everybody blows off steam from time to time. It's the "then it's all better" part that counts.

  2. Yup. I just wish the pressure didn't have to build up so high before blowing it all off at once....

  3. Sorry, far. Sometimes it's lonely being single, but I don't miss the drama. It'd be nice if you could have small steam-lettings, like little earthquakes. Hope today things truly are "all better."

  4. Hey Beth, that's what I was aiming at: small steam-lettings. But have you ever watched Over the Hedge? "Lack of communication. That's something families are good at."

    I know it's not necessarily true, but I often believe that things would be better if we lived somewhere else.

  5. But FAR, that's the job of the front-seat passenger ... :-) ... j/k

    Good that it resolved quickly.

  6. A marriage without quarrels is like a day without sunshine. Believe me, I know.

  7. Hey guys...

    Olivia, some days I can ignore it, some days I can't.

    Boran… well… sometimes, you need to look for shade. :-P


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