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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Helen and Back

Main Street, Helen GAI usually enjoy being away from FAR Manor with Mrs. Fetched, but the exception is wandering around in a tourist trap. I despise kitsch, but the Mrs. is one of those women who gotta have it. I’ve always associated stuff like ceramic/sandstone angels and mantle clocks with old ladies, and I’m not ready for her to be an old lady yet. But she was into this stuff back when I could say “this is old lady stuff” without any false implications; besides, you play the hand you’re dealt.

The upside is that when you have most of a week to hang out, you can spend some time scouting the stores for stuff you want and then swoop in and grab everything you want in a single sweep. We had done our scouting trip Sunday afternoon (and believe you me, hanging out with three women — Mrs. Fetched, Big V, and Daughter Dearest — in a tourist trap is far worse than hanging out with just one). I’d also planned to have a nice dinner with Mrs. at one of the restaurants in town, and worry primarily about the food being good and price a distant second. I’d planned on supper, but we decided on lunch instead, and went to a place called the Old Bavarian Inn. Not cheap by any stretch, but it was the best Reuben sandwich I’ve ever had.

I saw this T-shirt and decided it pretty much summed up the whole point of vacations. I was going to turn my head, but Mrs. Fetched said it wrinkled the fabric (sorry KB).

The rain held off until this evening; it’s raining now, so we pre-packed some of our stuff so we can check out a little more quickly tomorrow morning. I was thinking about a dual-sport ride this weekend, but I may have to take a pass due to mud and street tires not playing well together.


  1. Oh, Snap!

    Still, I like the shirt.

  2. You EARNED that great Rueben sandwich, lol.

  3. Hey guys!

    KB, here's a shot from last summer (with The Boy and Daughter Dearest) — my hair's shorter now but otherwise I haven't changed much.

    Nancy, we hiked about a mile & a half, I figure. Yup, that was a well-deserved sandwich. I used to judge restaurants by the quality of their Reuben, and these guys get the gold medal.

  4. LOL FAR ... so what did you all end up getting besides the shirt (which is great btw!)?

    (Something funny, but I never think about you all being American until I see a photo w/ a US flag in it ... lol)

  5. I need that shirt! (Except that it has to say that I'm going out west.)

  6. Hey folks...

    Olivia, we got a couple of glass sculpture things for the kids (a palm tree for Daughter Dearest, a dragon for The Boy), some fudge, and Mrs. Fetched got some kind of knick-knack that I don't remember & looked longingly at a mantle clock (aka an old-lady clock). Funny how that works about nationalities... I'd'a thunk you'd figure it out when our idea of "cold" is around 0°C. [grin,duck,run]

    Boran, I figure they have those shirts with all sorts of different destinations. If they don't have one with "the beach" on it in Florida or on the Atlantic coast, I'd be shocked. 'Course, you can always make your own — there are t-shirt transfers that work with inkjet printers, we've used them before.

  7. Thanks for linking to that wonderful photo FAR! You all look like you were having a great time.


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