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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Escape 2007.1, Day 1&2: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Lake view from porchI guess Mrs. Fetched hasn’t quite figured out that part of the appeal of a vacation is to get away from her family. But when Big V begged her to join us for the weekend, of course she agreed. Big V did sweeten the deal by bringing a bunch of groceries, though.

That, and the mere presence of Daughter Dearest (also just for the weekend, back to school with herself on Monday) and Mrs. Fetched, is the first major difference between this year and last. The pre-escape frenzy, though, was quite familiar if somewhat amplified. I left work early, but about an hour later than I really wanted to. After packing, loading up Barge Vader (including airing up the left rear tire, which is leaky), and stopping for gas and beer (and a can of stop-leak for the tire), we rolled into the retreat just before 9, packed the fridge and cupboards, and…

The second difference, a quite pleasant one, cropped up. Daughter Dearest asked me why “Netgear” gave her an error when she tried to join the network. “Huh?” I said, and grabbed my MacBook. Ironically, by virtue of its lower-end plastic case, the “consumer” Apple laptops tend to have a better wifi range than the “pro” models. I also found “Netgear” and got no joy from it, but I also found “CHCA1” — the office network — and was able to join! DD was never able to see it on her computer, so I let her borrow mine and started reading her Lord of the Flies book.

Kids climbing a gateA couple more changes were apparent during my morning coffee on the deck. First, the resort in general and our section in particular is a lot busier this year. I had the whole building to myself last year; at least three — maybe all four — of the units in the building are occupied today. A youth group appears to have come in for the weekend (or maybe the entire week). Second, last year’s spiders have given way to bagworms. The nature soundtrack of the morning is masked by conversations nearby and the sounds of construction across the lake. A couple of teenagers sit on benches or retaining walls, reading or poking at some electronic device.

Big V comes out, wearing a sports bra over her nightgown. “Looks good, don’t it?” she grins, turning all the way around.

Might as well go with the silly flow: “Yeah, but there’s no way to unhook it.”

“That’s not a problem — you just pull it up!” and she matches the action to the words. Luckily, it’s over the nightgown. I suppose she was continuing the “TMI” moment from last night, when she informed us she’d only brought one pair of underwear, but that was OK because she wasn’t wearing it. I have plenty of free entertainment through tomorrow night, whether I want it or not. I guess I’ll make the best of it.

And of course, The Boy has inherited his mom’s sense of timing: he called last night (after we got settled in) and asked if he could come home. Sure, without the girlfriend though. He’s staying with Splat this weekend; I’m not sure what’s going to happen come Sunday night when we come home for various reasons (including the subpoena thing, and they have The Boy slated to testify as well). I just hope he doesn’t do what he did last year and get Mrs. Fetched out of here too soon.

Ready to rideHaving been raised on a farm, both Mrs. Fetched and Big V are quite familiar with horses. They were all over the guided horseback ride thing this morning; we signed up for the 11a.m. slot and had it all to ourselves (fore to back: Daughter Dearest, Big V, Mrs. Fetched). My horse, like many I’ve ridden on these tours, was interested in seeing what he could get away with — he seemed to know just how close he could get to trees without snagging the rider’s leg. They blew some pretty impressive horse farts too; I was lucky to be second in line (just behind the guide).

The girlies are planning to play bingo tonight at the clubhouse. I haven’t decided whether I want to do that or not. I might just chill here, maybe do a little more writing.


  1. It sounds like a good time, FAR.

    !! And is that you in the hat?

  2. Hiya FAR.

    Glad you're having a good time. Well except for the horse farts of course. :)

    I grew up on a farm, but haven't been on a horse since I was a kid. Don't know how I would handle it now.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens when The Boy gets home, and what happens with that subpoena thing.

    Take care and enjoy.

  3. Hey FAR! Sounds like you're having just a ball, eh? Ha! ha! Suppose, the real excitment will be when ya come home....

    Mrs. Yooper, has informed me, that her, "the boy" wants to come home too! To save up on money to move in with a former girlfriend who kicked him out last spring! 33 years old, 6 years of college and "dumber than a board".

    She's also informed me, that she see's this decline, as many family members moving into the same household, just to make ends meet... I told her, "Well, that's what they keep tell'en me on the internet!" ha! ha!

    Lap it up while you can!


  4. Ha! ha! Lets see how many family members will move in, when we live in a teepee! ha!ha!

  5. Hey, far, happy vacation to you and yours!

  6. Hey all...

    Yup KB we had a good time. But no, that was the guide who brought up the rear (not me).

    FM, I'll be posting shortly about The Boy's TB02.

    Yooper, sounds like you're about to have the kind of "fun" I've to deal with. So how did this guy manage 6 years of college? Or is he just dumb about women? That teepee sounds like a good idea, too...

    Nancy, thanks much... a happy vacation usually involves getting a little farther away, but we'll make the most of it.


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