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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Albums and Insanity

Ether Demo CD album coverI mentioned The Boy coming to church Sunday, but neglected to mention that he had a stack of his band’s demo CD to give to me and a few of his friends. I had to take the car to work yesterday, since it looked like rain and I wanted to bring the work laptop home so I work at home today, and that gave me a chance to listen to the CD.

Like many albums, there are actually one or two decent tracks on there. One was “Hair Piece,” about a guy who’s losing his hair and getting flak from his SO over it. Another was “Cell Hate,” which is a lot shorter than it needs to be… there’s so much to hate about cellphones that it should have been easy to fill up an entire CD with one track.

Which brings us to last night: Daughter Dearest was meeting someone at MalWart who’d borrowed one of my monitors to get it back. Someone else asked her if she could get them some food. She would have, but left her debit card at home (always a good strategy when going to MalWart)… the woman said she’d wait, and DD called us (while the rest of us were picking in the big garden). Mrs. Fetched smelled a rat and decided to come along. We met in town; I took DD’s car home because my monitor was sitting in the front seat and the girlies went back to MalWart. The woman was gone, but they saw a Suzuki Reno for sale and Mrs. Fetched decided DD needed a new vehicle (her Civic is leaking oil again). She called me at home to tell me all about it.

“What do you think?” she asked, as if my input means anything.

I sighed. “Well… if you can figure out how to get that, pay for DD’s college, keep the mortgage up, and all the other bills we have, let me know. Or we can just chase the renters out of the trailer, move back in there, and let them foreclose on this place.”

She laughed. I’m not sure what she found funny about that… with the kids out of the house, I wouldn’t shed a tear over losing this heap.

The only good that came of it was when we were eating lunch in town today, and she started nagging me about looking up the gas mileage on a Reno (nowhere near as good as a Civic, but reason and logic are unwelcome when they clash with the decision already reached). I pulled out my iPod touch, and lo! there was a signal! The county is actually doing something useful with some of our tax money and has wifi available around town “for occasional use by residents and guests of the county,” as the entry page put it. There was some mumbling in the ToS about responsibility, which I took to mean they wouldn’t appreciate people downloading pr0n or warez (or large system updates). Since I was only interested in hitting fueleconomy.gov, checking the weather, and a little Twitter’ing, I was OK.

So that’s the third open wifi I’ve run across out here. Maybe when we go bankrupt, I’ll just do all my net access in town.


  1. FAR, I'm sure glad you all intervened on that obviously dicey transaction with DD. That sure didn't pass the smell test for me, but then anything involving MalWart has that acrid stench about it, as far as I'm concerned ....

  2. I noticed there's a track called "Larry" ?

    The track name that bothers me is Oxycotton, that stuff has screwed up many people I know. Pain killers are the worse thing any company could make. I say, ban every perscription pain killer, how did we get by with pain 50 years ago?

  3. IVG, I was a bit more suspicious than Mrs. Fetched. But as it turned out, they never found her… I suspect someone else got her some chow.

    Solar, that track's about a truck driver. If I heard the lyrics to Oxycotton right, the lyrics were about how it was screwing him up.

    How did we get by 50 years ago? Whiskey!

  4. Hiya FAR, IVG and Solar.

    FAR I can remember about 20 years ago when I had no bills, a car that was paid for and money in savings. That didn't last that long. I figure if I keep payments up, maybe 100 years after I'm buried, I'll be caught up. :)

    Solar I was thinking what did they do for pain killers over 100 years ago. Before the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 you could get just about anything you wanted. I've had severe migraines for years and I can say without something to dull the pain, I don't know what I would do. I agree with you that pain killers/drugs have screwed up many people, but I am glad when a migraine hits, there's something there.

    Hope the car situation works out.

    Take care

  5. But the drug is actually called oxycontin. The song title is a play on words (or word) apparently.

    Far, get DD a nice BMW. If you're gonna go bankrupt, don't do it over a Daewoo once removed.

  6. FM, I would like to say I can relate to your previous situation, but seems like everything things start getting better we get knocked down again. Or Mrs. Fetched once again loses her grip on reality.

    Even after the Pure Food & Drug Act, you could get lots of stuff… cocaine & pot were both legal, for example. Prohibition put the kibosh on them all, I think.

    Boran, I'm listening to the track. I think they changed it to make it rhyme: "oxycotton, it's got me feelin' rotten."

    Oh, I already have a Suzuki motorcycle and she has a Suzuki piano. So we might as well complete the trifecta. Beemer, indeed… you a lawyer or something? If we can get approved for a loan (not so certain) and the owner doesn't sell first (pray pray pray…)

  7. If you didn't want to get the car, you could have just said something. But congratulations Fantastic Father! You get your wish. I get to stay with the honda if it's still drivable when we get it checked out tomorrow.

  8. DD, I said something. It doesn't register though, sometimes. I just wanted to see if the Civic was OK before diving into something when I have no clue about how it's going to get paid for. The answer to that came later.


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