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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Odd Saga of the Missing Glasses

Getting myself together this morning for the ride to work, my glasses came up missing. Mrs. Fetched was off early to a video shoot, so she couldn’t help me find them. I looked all around the bed and dresser, using a flashlight in the dark corners, and came up completely empty. Needing something, I finally grabbed an older pair of glasses I had laying around — the prescription has changed, but they were good enough to see the road — and got moving. Daughter Dearest, always supportive, said they made me look like a dork. She’s such a sweet thang.

Close to lunch time, a thought occurred to me and I called home to ask Daughter Dearest to check the laundry basket. I remembered picking up a handful of dirty clothes in front of the dresser this morning, and putting the glasses on the dresser in the dark the previous night, so I thought I might have scooped up the glasses with the laundry and dumped them in the basket. DD said she needed a nap, but would check the laundry before I got home. I spent the afternoon using the old glasses as little as possible, hoping to keep from straining my eyes too much.

At last, I headed on home… to learn that my glasses had been sitting on the bed. On Mrs. Fetched’s pillow. I have no recollection of picking them up and putting them there this morning, but that had to be what I did. I looked all around the bed, but never thought to look on the bed.

It’s definitely August.


  1. First sign of aging: losing stuff when it's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. ::G::

    I can't begin to count the many times I've "lost" something in my one-room studio apartment.

    Glad you found the specs!

  2. The glasses made you look like a dork? LOL

  3. Maria, I've been losing stuff right in front of me all my life — just ask Solar-bro… and DD was just looking for an excuse to call me a dork. The glasses were convenient.

  4. < whispering > It's age, Far. I was < whispering again> 50 last October. I believe that you are close to that milestone. This and more is what you have to look forward to. ;-)

  5. It runs in the family, I couldn't find my watch to save my life yesterday morning. Turns out it was right next to the tray I keep my car keys in, but because I was in a hurry I didn't see them. :)

    (call Dad)

  6. Hiya FAR.

    Just yesterday I did the lost glasses thing. It's very frustrating after the first hour of looking for them. :)

    I agree with Boran about the age thing, however in my case it has been like that all my life. If I'm sent to the store to pick up something, it can be right in front of me and I don't see it. I used to get yelled at so much for coming home empty handed that I started asking clerks, sales people and anyone passing by for help in locating something.

    Hope you have a good w/e coming up.

  7. Boran, I would have argued with you... except that I left the laptop at home this morning. I'm having to deal with this dog-slow Smelly Dell that has earned the name Pyla Crapp. At least I'm getting stuff done.

    Solar, I'm glad to know it's not just me. I tried calling Dad several times over the weekend, I'll give it another shot today.

    FM, it's been like that for me all my life too. If something isn't what I expect to see - could be red instead of blue or turned upside-down - I'll overlook it. At least the weekend's starting to look better... Mrs. Fetched said she's going to try to finish running the feed today.

  8. Hey FAR,
    I can relate to some extent, but keys and especially glasses are things I never lose. I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 and depend entirely on them, that's the last thing that comes up missing. Other things, not so much ...

  9. IVG, this was only noteworthy because it's the only time I ever lost my glasses! Keys and glasses always end up in one or two places with me, so if they're not in one place they're in the other. Not this time, though.

    Mrs. Fetched loses her keys quite often, though.


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