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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Visit to The Boy

Sign in the kitchen
The Boy came to church today, and heard me do the sermon (White Knuckle Sunday on Planet Georgia!). He wanted me to have a look at his friend’s laptop, which has a problem with its power connector. I’m not sure I can do anything useful with it, given the shape it’s in, but if we can get a small Phillips screwdriver on it I’ll give it a shot.

This sign greeted me as I entered the kitchen, which is just to the right of the front door. I found it extremely entertaining. Snippet’s calligraphy is better than her spelling. There was a similar sign on the refrigerator, suggesting a minimum $5 “donation” for people eating their food. Hm… amazing what you learn when you have to pay for stuff yourself.

gardenSpeaking of food, it looks like Mrs. Fetched’s mom planted yet another garden right next to the trailer. Not much weeding has been done in there, but there were plenty of ripe tomatoes and some snow peas (woohoo!) and green beans, with corn and okra on the way. I tried to put across to The Boy and Snippet how much money they could save by growing some of their own food, and how much healthier it is. I think the saving money part appeals to them, at least.

I’m not sure you can see it here, but one of the green bean vines was happily climbing a utility pole guy wire.


  1. I didn't know that you are a preacher, Far. (Amongst so many other talents.)

    It seems that anywhere in planet Georgia that you drop a few seeds something grows. Enjoy the veggies!

  2. FAR, my friend,
    That was quite the amusing post there. TB, meet real world, get a grip. That food notice was priceless, lol. I'm glad to see that someone else's corn patch is weedier than ours! Between the rain and the hot, and now the mild, we have a hard time keeping up with it!

    Snippet needs to learn how to weed, and she and TB can just call it quality time, heheh.

  3. Boran, you learn to do a *lot* of things in a small rural church. The upside is that I can do a presentation in front of a bunch of co-workers w/o any trepidation. Doing what you do, though, I guess you'd wonder why that would ever be an issue. ;-)

    IVG, The Boy said they really needed to get in there & weed too. I had an aunt who would "mulch" by laying old newspaper between the rows. Cleanest garden I ever saw.

  4. Make a copy of the exact same sign and post it on your frige and keep one in your wallet. The next time they come around wanting a hand out, whip out the sign. :)

  5. Heh!heh! Good thing Mrs. Fetched doesn't post such signs on her frige! ha! ha!

  6. Solar, I'm thinking about it! And Yooper, I'm sure Mrs. Fetched is doing the same!


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