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Monday, August 18, 2008

FAR Future, Episode 47: Young Love in the Time of the Junta

Katiebird suggested a romance long ago, and I said it would happen eventually.

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Young Love in the Time of the Junta

Hm. That would have been a good name for a movie or something. Directed by nobody, and I once again end up a spectator.

For the summer, we’ve moved our bed to the screened-in porch, and the kids to screen tents (boys in front, girls in back). Guillermo and Maria remain in what used to be the guest bedroom — they say they don’t mind the heat, and they leave their window open so they can hear (and shush) the boys. We do the same for the girls, of course.

So last night, I woke up from a nightmare about a guard dog at some kind of camp (seems like most of my nightmares involve a dog attacking me). I don’t get back to sleep right away from one of those, so I figured I could grab a beer and sit out in the driveway with a dog that would only lick me to death. I was trying to be quiet, because I didn’t want to wake Mrs. Fetched or spook the kids outside (or the dog, who would wake everyone up with the racket he’d make), so I used the flashlight to see where I was going. But when I got in the garage, I saw another light through the open door, so I turned off my flashlight and stayed quiet.

It was a new moon night, so it was dark otherwise. But I could see Kim sitting on the edge of the driveway, shining his flashlight down toward the girls’ tent. It wasn’t long before Christina walked up, following his lighted path, and plopped down beside him. Kim turned the flashlight off, and it was dark and quiet again. They talked quietly in their own Spanglish argot, which I’ve learned mostly in self-defense. Translated:

“I can barely see,” Christina said softly.

“If you can see at all, you’re doing better than me,” Kim replied. “I can barely see you and you’re right here next to me.”

“That’s OK. We don’t need to see, and besides, nobody can see us.”

“Makes it hard to see anything to draw.”

Christina laughed, Kim snorted, and they were quiet for a few minutes. Finally, Christina said, “Hey. Did you ask Farf-Dad about getting a scaffold?”

“Not yet. We won’t be doing much inside until it cools off anyway, September or maybe October. We have plenty of time.”

“It’ll be so cool. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah. I think they’ll like it.”

“Maybe we’ll be famous artists some day, and it’ll make the house worth a lot of money to have our painting in the stairwell.”


They were quiet again for a while. I recognized it: people who are completely comfortable with each other might take long pauses in their conversations, but (and it’s heresy for a writer to admit) words aren’t everything. Finally, Christina took a deep breath. “Kim?”


“You wanna kiss me?” She said it fast, probably nervous.

He laughed. “Sure.” Smack — he landed one on her temple or maybe her forehead.

Christina huffed, and was quiet for a moment.

“What?” Kim asked.

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

“Um… what did you mean then?”

“I meant like this.” It got quiet again, except for the breathing. Given the time it went on, she had put a serious lip-lock on Kim, and he wasn’t exactly struggling to get loose.

They finally broke it, and Kim’s voice was muffled — maybe he’d buried his face in her shoulder. “We shouldn’t do that. You’re still eleven.”

“So what? I wanted to kiss you when I was ten. And I’ll be twelve in December — is it that big of a difference?”

“It probably is to our parents.”

“I don’t care. I’m smart for my age; they tell me that all the time. That should count for something.”

“Yeah, but still.”

“You’re not going to do anything I won’t let you do.”

“I know… but that’s what scares me.”

“I love you, Kim. You’re… I trust you.”

He sighed. “I love you too. I wish I knew why, though. I thought we’d be like partners, working on our drawings and stuff.”

“We can still do that, you know.”

“Yeah, but… I don’t know. I guess it’s going to be different now.”

“It’ll be better.”

“I hope so. We need to get back to our tents, though. It’s late.”

“OK. After you kiss me one more time.”


“It’ll be OK. One more time, then I won’t ask you again until after my birthday. I promise.”

“Well… all right.” Again, the quiet breathing, and even longer than the first time. I was starting to consider making some noise, when they finally broke it off. Kim turned on his flashlight again, and pointed the way for Christina to get back to her tent, before standing and walking back to his. I went back inside and got the rum… nightmares got nothin’ on reality (or potential reality) at FAR Manor.

I guess it’s time to have The Talk with all the kids, one at a time.



  1. Hey, FAR! JR here.

    I'm actually back on chapter 44, but I should be up to 47 soon... actually - "Young Love in the time of the Junta"? Ick. I might skip that one. I hate romance.

    But seriously. Good stuff. I shouldn't have to say that, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

    I admit I only started reading at probably 38 or something (I'm not good at strict sequence). Could you do me a favor though and attempt to answer two easy questions?

    What is with the time thing? I understand it's 2015, 7 years in the future, but why the 6 month difference. Why not write August 2015 in August 2008? Doesn't that mess you up?

    And 2. Have you considered an Index or list of characters and Acronyms and major terms and such?

    I don't know if you've ever seen the Kaboom War Journal blog, but something along those lines.


  2. Hey JR, good to see you drop by.

    The time thing explained: the first few posts were set exactly 5 years ahead of the date they were posted. But given the story will cover 30+ years start to finish, I knew I'd have to start accelerating the timeline — forewarned is half an octopus. In fact, there will be about a 5-year jump shortly after episode 50.

    Index/list: good idea. I think in plays and some novels, they call that Dramatis Personae. I actually have such a thing for the IRL posts; see "Who's Who and What's What" at the top of the sidebar. I'll give that a shot.

  3. hmmm a little girl on girl action, someone has a pretty vivid imagination. LOL

  4. Sorry, solar, but you are incorrect. Kim is male - hence the line "he landed one on her temple or maybe her forehead".

    I know, 'Kim' is ambiguous, but careful reading reveals all.

  5. Ummmm Far, forget what I said about you writing children's books. heh! heh! I kinda siding with the bro here! ha! ha!

    Hey! Got the hopper back a couple days ago! $300 later and she's good to go! Gee, those guy's were sure happy to see it leave the shop! Guess they had the carb off no less than 15 times! heh! Money well spent! (Good thing, I left them a 12'ver!!)

    Thanks, yooper

  6. Hey all!

    Solar, AB is right: Kim's a guy. I knew at least two guys named Kim in high school; one a friend, one not so much.

    Yooper, see above. ;-)
    Hope you have fun with the Hopper; you should have a couple months of decent riding before it's time to put it up for the winter. What's a 12'ver? Snowmobile?

  7. AHH!! Why did you guys have to spoil it for me? Who in there right mind would name their son Kim? Come on, it's hard enough to keep up with the charaters, and now we can't even figure what gender they are by their name? Either way, deep down, he probably wants to be a woman, so technically it's still a woman on woman fantasy. LOL

  8. Gee! Why spoil solar's spin on Far's story! ha! I thought he was just jerking your chain Far, and of course I was going to lend him a hand! ha!ha!

    By now, we all know just who has the "vivid imgaination", eh? ha! ha! LOL Umm solar, if it's any consolation, I once had a dog named "Kim". I've forgotten, if it was a boy or girl.. ha! heh! Deep down, I hope Kim didn't get a complex by being named that, whatever sex he or she or it was!!!!

    I've really enjoyed this thread! I haven't laughed like this in a long time!

    Oh Far, a 12'ver is a twelve pack of beer... Gee, what are you guy's drinking down there, 40's?!! ha!ha!

    Yup, I'll have a good time fix'en her (it's a girl!) up and scoot'en around. I'll have fun riding 'er through the color season, that is, up to when the white stuff begins to fall.

    Suppose she'll come in handy when a gallon of gas is 6 bucks (now don't get any ideas solar! ha!), maybe by this next spring?

    Thanks, yooper

  9. Heh. Yooper, I've always seen that spelled "12-er." Not saying your way is wrong, mind you!

    So the hopper's a "she," eh? You gonna name her Kim? Maybe that will restore the balance and fix Solar-bro. Or a 12'ver will fix him. Either one.

  10. Great idea Far! Done! She's "Kim"! I suppose later on today, I'll trust Kim a little further and take her down to the bodyshop just down the road.. Think, I'll throw an ice cold twelve'r in her little basket, for the boys down there!

    Btw, excellent story! You've missed your calling in life! You should have been a children's story teller... I have a friend who's made a very good living at it..

    Thanks, yooper

  11. LOL, Yooper! You know, all those adventure books I plowed through in the school library were wrote by *someone*. Why not me? :-)


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