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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gas Panic: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

They (who’s “they”? You know, “them”!) say the pipeline is full and the gas is on the way to Planet Georgia. Given that fuel moves through pipelines at 3–5mph, though, it’ll be at least a week before the Great Gas Panic of 2008 is officially over.

Yesterday, nearly half the stations I pass on the way to work were pumping, and had lines spilling this way and that. Of course, cheaper gas equals longer lines… people are still people. They were pretty much all dry on the way home, but that’s to be expected these days.

I’ve got a lengthy rant about the bailout cooking, but haven’t had time to get it down just yet. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Gas here is 3.59 and no shortage, but I could easily see people freaking out here the same way they are in your area.

    We live in a country full of scared people, if it's not terrorists, food or oil shortages, the dark figure lurking to snatch your child off the street, gun crime, or a drugged out thief breaking into your home, and now the stock market. The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!

    It's funny how you don't see people in most other countries freaking out the way we Americans do. Maybe if we all took a deep breath, and had a little respect for each other, and just let things work themselves out, we would be okay. (I know I'm dreaming)

    It's to bad that just about every American buys into the media hype and has a knee jerk reaction to any kind of crisis no matter how big or small.

    I believe in freedom of the press, but fro example: Just the way the media over hypes any kind of tropical storm "possibly" heading our way is a perfect example. Suddenly there's a run on bread, water, plywood, generators and gas, and the storm is still many days away and will probably miss us.

    Sorry bro, just had to rant. :)

  2. Yeah, bro… if the media can hype something, they get more viewers, which means they can charge more for all the commercials they run. And that's why I don't watch TV very much.

    Good rant. You ought to post a few of those more often.

  3. I paid $3.89 for premium tonight! Woohoo! I hope that gas becomes plentiful for you soon, Far!

  4. Hey FAR,
    Good to hear the potential (short-term) end is in sight for you. Solar, whatta great rant, I'm with you all the way, man! No offense to you, but I'm sooo glad I got out of FL when I did! (1994) I remember those pre-storm days, and yes, we have our versions of that here (called blizzards) but then the first thing to go in the stores is Toilet Paper ... I still recall the big Y2K hype where we were in the store on N Year's Eve and they were sold out of TP! Insane....

  5. Boran, it's closer to $4 for regular here, right now. When you can find it, of course. The lines are getting shorter though; some stations that haven't pumped for a week have it now (at least temporarily).

    IVG, here it's milk & bread. When there's more than an inch of snow predicted.


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