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Saturday, October 11, 2008

An LOLboy and His LOLdog

The Boy seems to be having trouble with the starter in his car. It rolls off easily enough, but turning the key doesn’t even produce a click. He brought it up to the house, where we have a paved driveway and a couple of ramps to put it on… but Butthead decided to get all cuddly with his hooman before The Boy had a chance to get started.

I had to get a picture…


  1. Ok, I've watched SNL (a rerun) Mad TV and Spike Feresten but, THIS is the first time I've laughed in an hour.

    Whoops, Spike just had Lil' O'Reilly Factor -- the No Spit Zone and it was pretty funny too!

    Do you have any more rolls?

  2. KB, I'm about to start making more rolls. A good laugh is always a good thing, right?

    Kimber, glad you like it…

  3. That dog has a future in automotive diagnostics.

  4. FAR, please don't tell me that dog's name really is Butthead!? I've been known to refer to her majesty Queen Pepa by a few epithets ("Old Bitch" comes to mind, as well as "Little Shit" when she's been ornery), but I've never called her or Rolly butthead!

    Very funny photo though, it gave me a laugh too! I hope TB got his problem fixed, though smoking under the hood (or car for that matter) doesn't seem like such a great idea. Maybe the dog was trying to send him a message? LOL

  5. Heh, Boran, I think most of his suggested repairs would included, "Give me something to eat."

    IVG, his real name is Buster. Butthead is what I call him most of the time, though. He was the main character of the squirrel saga from a while back. The Boy also forgot to disconnect the battery before going after the starter, which produced a rather impressive fzzzt noise.

  6. Hey Far! Great pic! The boy can't be too bad to have such a fine campanion!

    I'll bet you had a grin from ear to ear after you heard that "fzzzt" sound, eh? ha!ha!

  7. Yooper, no he's not too bad, really. Like most people, he needs to get his priorities straight.

    Yeah, that was pretty funny when he got the sparks flying. Lucky he didn't bang his head on something…


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