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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We Pause for a Cloud Break

I really didn’t want to write more about the Big Gooey Kablooey today. Fortunately, after a rainy day (the first in at least two weeks, so it has been seriously needed), God gave me something else to post this evening:

Clouds after rain

I was admiring the sculpted clouds among the puffballs, when I reached a place to pull off and get a picture. I see a big arm coming out of the sky, either pointing south or offering up The Mother of all Spliffs. :-P

Heh… I suppose that was appropriate, given that I thought of a Crosby, Stills, and Nash song when I saw the cloudscape:

How come I have to explain,
People are worth all the pain?
I just wanna see the love in your eyes
After the storm has passed you and gone.


  1. I stopped by to check out your cloud break and found the podcast button on the sidebar. Neat have a voice to put with the text.

    Nice shot of the clouds.

  2. Hey Far! Neat pic! Perhaps the hammer is falling?

    The Nikkei is falling off a cliff as of now, down over 900 points or over 11%...

    Think we'll follow their lead at the opening bell tomorrow? I'll bet.. We'll see just how much resolve this market has....

    Catch ya tomorro morning! What's next on the horizon? There's seems no end in stopping this freeze up!

  3. Here ya go Far, for some early morning reading (if not for the second time...?)

    http://www.depression2.tv/d2/node/66 be sure to read the comments...

  4. Hey all!

    Wooly, you remind me I have to do another podcast soon. That one is wayyy last year.

    Yooper, I'll check out the link a little later. Dunno if it's The Hammer Falling, but it's like a trainwreck… too horrid to contemplate, but you can't turn away.

  5. That is a beautiful sky, Far. (Which reminds me that I have to post one of mine.)


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