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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Start Bailing, Everyone

This brief clip shows a younger Bush-league speaking at a high-dollar fundraiser: “Some call you the elite, I call you my base.” Here, in the waning months of a far too long Reign of Error, that was enabled by a single vote (in the Supreme Court), Bush-league is trying to throw one last meaty ol’ bone to his “haves and have-mores” base. Of course, I’m referring to the Wall Street bailout package, known by some as the Paulson Plan.

In perfect Bush-league administration form, they ignored the problem until it became a crisis, then started beating the Fear Drums and attempted to ramrod a real stink-bomb through Congress — what amounted to a check for $700 billion with carte blanche for Paulson to do with it as he pleased, even including a pre-emptive Congressional pardon for violations of any laws along the way. Basically, he could have pocketed the money and bought him a nice little palace in the Keys without any repercussions even possible.

Amazingly, the goplet lapdogs in Congress and their media talking heads opposed it — some on the Dem side suggest that the idea was to force it through Congress without goplet support, then use it against Democrats running for re-election. Two problems: the Dems insisted on bi-partisan support (knowing it was going to be unpopular) and people overwhelmed Congress with variations of “there’s nothing in it for us, we’re not paying for it.” I was one of millions who beat the house.gov and senate.gov servers to death this week, I’m happy to say, telling my sinnertors and reprehensible what I thought of this bailout. I got a detailed response from Sen. Isakson, the only one of the three not up for re-election this year, who called for several sensible modifications. Of course, none of them appeared in the version voted on today (and Sen. Isakson supported).

After the bill went down in the House on Monday, the so-called revision is basically the same bill with a couple of tax credit extensions and an increase in FDIC coverage — basically, the same pig with a fresh coat of lipstick. And the House and Senate servers continue to get hammered.

I’d like to think Speaker Pelosi was playing a subtle game on Monday. The goplets blamed her for their decision to vote down the package on Monday, after she mildly criticized the right-wing economic policies that led to the current problem. I want to think she’s dangling tax cuts in front of the goplets (ooh, shiny!) so that the bill passed with their support (while peeling away votes from her own caucus), but this Congress has been way too quick to roll over for Bush-league for me to believe it.

I remember writing a story during my high school days that had, as a backdrop, “the economic collapse in 2000.” We are being told that this bailout package is necessary to avoid a real collapse in 2008… but many economists say it won’t help. If we do end up with an economic collapse, at least the people who perpetrated this massive theft will go down with the rest of us — of course, if things stay together, we’ll probably drown while holding the fat cats out of the water. I can only hope that if Obama gets elected in five weeks, that he’ll give each congressional Democrat a shiny new spine for Christmas. You know the Republicans are bought and paid for by Wall Street, and they’ll do what they always do: shovel as much money as they can at the people who need it least and blame the rest of us for not working hard enough or whatever. They will obstruct, filibuster, whine like the crybabies they are on every show that points a camera at them, but we can hope that by 2010 they won’t be more than a noisy non-entity.


  1. Great rant, FAR! True, those first two incarnations were abominations (especially the no-fault, no oversight Paulson version). I'm not sure this Senate version is that much improved, but at least some provisions sounded sane to me at first blush. We'll see ... and I trust Obama to get it reworked once he's in office...I hope.

    Did you see any of the coverage of Grampy Grumps McPantload getting all pissy and unloading on the Des Moines Register Editorial Board here yesterday? Quite the sight to behold ... temper, temper, gramps, your inner lizard is showing again!

    Grampy: Get off my lawn!

  2. I can't rant as well as some people do, but I can give it the old college try. LOL!!

    I, too, feel that this is nothing more than the "pig with a new coat of lipstick." I fear, though, that this will get passed. I was amazed when the Bill did not get passed the first time. I felt that "Wow, our 'gubmint' really does listen to the people." (I have never really had much faith in our political system. There are those who have gone into office with high ideals, but wind up being glitzed and glamoured by the political life.)

    But, unfortunately, I know that the lobbyists and other interested parties have now had enough time to bring those who voted against the Bill the first time to their senses for this next vote.

    Padding the Bill with "Extras" does not make it anymore appealing, but the spineless usually do what is in their best interest when a gun is held to their heads.

    We are on a slow train ride to H*ll.

  3. Hey folks… IVG, I missed the Register-ation, got a good summary linky?

    Mrs. M, I was shocked too. I'm hoping the House will stand firm… the lipstick might attract a few goplets while repelling a few Dems. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it all washes out and goes FAILout again… maybe they'll actually sit down & come up with an actual plan.

  4. Hi Far! I just came across an interesting read: Commentary: America's chilling future
    Check this out:

  5. Heh, how does Beck think we'll keep the airlines (and everything else) going when the oil's needed to run the tractors and harvesters?

  6. I think you will enjoy Joe Bageant's perspective on the bailout.
    Pithy but clear eyed


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