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Saturday, May 09, 2009


After nearly two years of on & off, I’ve finally completed FAR Future!

Well, the first draft, anyway. The way I’ve been doing things lately, I’ll be back in there tweaking and poking almost right up to the moment I post each episode. I might even stick one more episode in toward the end… just depends.

At a post a week, it’ll run until August; there’s going to be at least a few two-fers though. But I also have a few "deleted scenes" and an alternate episode that I’ll post after The End, and maybe an appendix of future history.

Celebrate today. Tomorrow, I’ll start turning it into a novel.


  1. Hey FAR,
    Congratulations! I hope the final birthing pangs weren't too painful ... ah now just the dread of the post partum slump, eh? :-)

    I've fallen so far behind (no pun intended), that I should just start over and read them all again. Are you planning (or have you) to put them all in one area of the blog so lazy people (like me) can read through sequentially?

    Has anyone called you yet about the movie rights?

  2. Congrats, Farf!!! It's a great accomplishment! Take a deep breath, enjoy the moment for a few days, and then start the rewrite... :-)

  3. Hey all!

    IVG, yeah, there was a little letdown in there. I'd been poking at it here and there for the last week and suddenly I was done poking. And I said, "Huh. That's it?" I'm going to put up a table of contents page that has links to all the episodes and try to break them into different eras.

    Thanks, Beth. I think I'll take your advice!

  4. Make that day after tomorrow, man!

    Congratulations! Two years for a big piece of work aint bad, Far. Aint bad at all. :-)

  5. Thanks, Ghostie, and good to see you back this way. You know we-all hang out at Andi's place now, right?

  6. Congratulations Far! I can't wait to read the coming installments. Is there a self-published book in your future?

  7. Interesting thought, Boran… I'm hoping some white knight will swoop in with a book deal, but self-published is more likely. ;-)

  8. Hiya FAR,

    Congrats. Two years is a long time and now the rewrites. Oh that sounds like a lot of work. :)

  9. More like the good kind of work, FM… the kind you want to do because it's satisfying rather than done for an income. Kind of like cleaning the house. If you'll come clean mine, I'll help you write your book. :-D


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