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Friday, May 08, 2009

Post-pourri (including Weekend Cinema)

The usual collection of stuff that kind of kicked around all week but I never got a chance to post. And since it’s already Friday, a short-and-silly video awaits…

From the “Stupidog is one word” files: Mrs. Fetched decided she wanted to breed Crissy, her thoroughly obnoxious Austrian Shep mix who happened to be in heat, and got Luke (another shep) from her mom and put him in the pen with her. And he proceeded to… do nothing. Well, that’s not completely true: he forced his way out of the pen through a hole in the gate. I got him back in and wired the hole shut. He proceeded to open the latch (he knows how to do that) and ran home. (Maybe he’s gay?)

After most of a week of not seeing Sasquatch around, he came by Wednesday evening with Jar Jar in tow. The latter needed to get away from his family for a while, so naturally he came to the manor. :-) He was hoping for a chance to work and earn a few bucks, but all he got was raking up the grass in the (small) front yard after I mowed it yesterday afternoon. At least Jar Jar managed to not do anything spectacularly clumsy this time — about the only thing that went w0rNg on his watch was DD’s computer’s audio cutting out for a few hours overnight. He’d been using the laptop a lot, so I figured it overheated then brought the sound back after it cooled off a bit. He, Daughter Dearest, and Sasquatch played a fair amount of Magic: the Gathering while they were here. Sasquatch also managed to clear a clog in the upstairs sink; he used a bent hanger to fish out the clog and an earring that got caught in it. He said, “it looked like an Amish guy’s beard fell off and went down the sink.” YUCK GAG GAG

Speaking of Sasquatch, he got so hooked on the “Mouse Hunt” game on Facebook that he started playing in meatspace. Using a really simple string/stick/box setup, he managed to catch six specimens of Mus musculus (aka the common house mouse) at his place. He has them in an aquarium, with a screen lid they jump onto and walk around on like flies on a ceiling. He’s so excited about his new pets, that’s pretty much all he wants to talk about lately… which is annoying the living foo out of Daughter Dearest. Personally, I’d find a snake owner who wanted some free chow… or at least release them somewhere far away. Maybe in the Atlanta Country Club, where they could aerate the golf course.

Silly me, putting up a gas price poll: prices have jumped from $1.89 to $2.15 here in the last couple of days. (If you haven't voted in the poll, you have plenty of time. I’ll wait.) Of course, the rain has mostly kept me off the motorcycle. Both Little Zook and the Virago are running happy, so all I need is a shot at some dry pavement. That, or find the bottom of my rain suit.

Vacation is postponed for *another* week… we were talking about going this week, but we have to shoot the community chorale tomorrow night. Next week didn’t work for various reasons; we were planning for the week of the 18th but now something else has come up. Maybe the week after… which would let me stretch it an extra day for Memorial Day. Not all bad.

And now… Weekend Cinema! With a hat-tip to Faboomama, who linked to this on Twitter. De Prez and his crew set up nuclear talks with “My Man” Mahmoud:


  1. Hey FAR,
    How did an Amish guy get in your bathroom and lose his beard? I swear, the odd things you guys have lurking in your pipes!

    That video was great! Hadn't run across that yet and wonder if they're going to do more episodes? I'd follow that if they did ... the woman playing Hillary was a stitch! Loved the line: "Hot buttered black guy ... do you want to work in the State Dept.?" Heh. Very clever stuff, considering I never did get into Entourage, but it works well here.....

  2. I am growing to hate you tube. I could hear audio but only got a picture of the white house. It has gotten to the point that finding a clip that actually works is looking like a sign of the apocolypse.

    Maybe Luke thought Crissy is thoroughly obnoxious too.

    And I learned a new word...meatspace.

  3. IVG, I've never even seen Entourage… I'll bet it would have been even funnier if I were familiar with it! We've been trying to figure how whose hair that was… DD hasn't been around and doesn't brush her hair in that bathroom anyway.

    Wooly, sorry about the Youtube thing. Flash players can get a little whacked out sometimes; maybe you need to do a little maintenance on the ol' computer? You have a good point about Luke there; even if I wasn't married, there are some women that aren't bad-looking yet so repulsive I wouldn't go near them even for a one-nighter. :-P

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hey Woolysheep,
    Maybe you need to update your Flash player? Mine usually reminds me to do it, but I'm sure FAR has a link where you can get updates. I'm blanking on it at the moment.

    You all gotta see Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight ... he was very funny (and Wanda Sykes even funnier)!

  6. IVG, it's probably Adoobie's website, adobe.com…


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