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Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Cinema

Your wallet’s dry, attention span too — Weekend Cinema’s the place for you!

With gas prices down from last year (but creeping up), the urban tanks are back on the road. So top up your Suxpedition and take that solo drive to SUV City!

[Thanks to Nudge for finding this one.]


  1. Thankfully, SUV City's days are numbered.

  2. Not soon enough, Boran, but I'll fertilize its grave.

  3. Hey FAR, B2,
    Good stuff there, especially the characters we've all seen on the road too many times. We've noticed that we rarely, if ever, see guys driving Hummers ... almost always blondes with cell phones. And we always assumed they were for testosterone driven drivers!

  4. IVG, I see plenty of guys in Dummers here, but they don't seem to be more ill-mannered than average. It's the drivers in the Suxpeditions (again, here) that are rude to the point of being a hazard.

    It seems like there's a sort of signal that they use to switch over to new vehicles, all at once. Back when, they drove 280Z cars, then Beemers, then kind of faded into the woodwork, then burst forth in various SUVs.


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