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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honest? Me?

While on vacation, I was awardified by my bud Wooly:

Kind of nice, actually. The easy part is the acceptance speech: I have to say 10 honest things about myself. The harder part is picking out 7 other people to pass the award to — I mean, my blog-buddies are all an honest bunch, how do I pick? Oh well, first things first.

1) I don’t let it all hang out here because my family (mom, dad, daughter, etc.) read it.

2) I don’t feel like I’m 50. I have to agree with Stephen King, who said, “I can’t feel like this, I’m still 19!”

3) I’m a little vain about my hair. Even if it is mostly grey and starting to thin out. I like to grow it a lot longer than Mrs. Fetched likes it.

4) Often, I have trouble finishing things. I wonder sometimes if I’m afraid to succeed.

5) My idea of a perfect day is walking/sitting/wading on the beach, otherwise doing absolutely nothing. I’d probably look for something to do on the second day, though.

6) I am both appalled and excited about the prospect of a grandson. (see #2, see also below)


7) I consider watching TV to be a complete waste of time. Of course, I spend a lot of time online, which is only a 90% waste of time. :-)

8) Living next to a farm has taught me that chickens & cows are evil creatures that deserve to be eaten. And yet, it wouldn’t bother me much to not eat meat.

9) I will spend more time getting my computer to do something for me than I would if I did it myself. On the other hand, the second time around I don’t have to expend much effort at all.

10) I have to constantly remind myself to not obsess over stuff I can’t do anything about.

OK, now comes the hard part. Seven people? Tell you what, if you’re not listed below, you get the award anyway. I did the work, I get to pick. :-P

Beth doesn’t shy away from the low spots in life. We want to have each other’s life. ;-)

Nudge has an opinion, and she ain’t afraid to express it. Gotta love that.

Move Atlanta Motorsports Park wasn’t successful in their effort to stop a Complete Waste of Effort, but they gave it their best shot.

Family Man tells many stories, old and new, all true. He definitely deserves this one.

Joe Vecchio chronicles his struggle with both trying to find decent (honest) work that will allow him to support himself, and trying to understand the nutbars on the far right.

Jen deserves this too, even if she shut down her blog. I learned a lot from her rants.

Finally, you get the nod. Enjoy!


  1. Oh yeah, honest you. Definitely. A well-deserved award, Farf! And thanks for sharing the 10 - much more interesting than the emails folks send wanting to know what kind of cereal you're eating and when you last changed your socks.

    Thanks for the award...now I have to wrack my brain to come up with something half as original as yours!

    Evil cows and chickens...heh heh.

  2. Grandson! when did I miss this one or is this the announcement?

  3. Thanks, Beth… and you did just fine with your 10 honest things!

    Wooly, I mentioned it in passing a while back. On top of everything else going on that week, it seemed fairly minor at the time.

    Thanks, KB… and it's good to see you're back in the 'sphere! You should be the "official" #7.

  4. Congratulations on becoming a grandpa (soon)!

  5. Hi Crafty —  should honest answers be the revealing ones? ;-)

    Boran, at the moment it would be almost worth raising the kid ourselves if it gets Snippet out of The Boy's life.

  6. Hey FAR,
    Fun stuff you listed about yourself, but nothing surprised me, so that must mean you're terminally honest. Thanks for not including me in your Gang of 7, because I'd either have to lie or somebody would have to die! hehe

  7. IVG, the life of a flower garden is so essentially honest there's no need to point it out. Either the flowers are blooming, or dying, or seeding, or something else. ;-)

  8. Hiya FAR,

    Just read this one and I'll have ten true to most true things about myself by tomorrow. Geeze now I've got to stay up all night racking my brains to come up with something. I mean all the rest of you lead exciting lives, but I sit at home all day. :)

    BTW what Boran said and double it.


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