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Monday, December 10, 2007

3-Day Weekend Update, and Planet Georgia Logic

We (mostly) got our 3-day weekend after all. Mrs. Fetched woke up Saturday morning feeling much better than the day before, and continued to improve through the day. Hooray! Late in the afternoon, we packed a couple of bags with things (and I left the laptop at home, as advised by my good blog-buddies) and headed down. We had a little time to just rest and chill out before going to the company party.

The party went pretty well — I ran into a guy who sits two cubes down from me; he had a short but incredibly cute girlfriend with him. She and Mrs. Fetched hit it off famously, and us guys talked about various things (including shop talk).

A couple of hours into the party, the cellphones started ringing. We had told The Boy that he could have four specific friends over (including Cousin Splat), but no girlfriends or other female types, and nobody was to go into the house without escort. Well, that went by the wayside shortly after we left — there were eight people, two of which were female (one of which was The Boy’s old girlfriend Snippet) — traipsing in and out of the house like they owned the place. Daughter Dearest, who isn’t terribly fond of any of The Boy’s friends, locked the door and The Boy broke the doorknob to get in. Then she got rather upset and yelled at all of them. Cousin Splat lived up to his name by threatening to slap her silly if she didn’t shut up. And that was all she wrote.

Upon arriving at FAR Manor, I immediately told everyone to git. And told Splat that if he ever threatened Daughter Dearest again, there would be Hell to pay. He made some lame excuse, and Mrs. Fetched took over at that point. I started fixing the doorknob — the latch was bent and binding — and The Boy made the mistake of asking me what the big deal was.

“The big deal is,” I told him as he waved his hand at me and walked away, “that your mom and I can’t go anywhere without you ruining it for us!”

“Well, I guess I’m just a big screw-up,” he said, climbing into one of his friends’ cars.

“Yes, yes you are. And if you don’t want to straighten up your act, you’re not welcome back here.” He made the same waving gesture and left. Do I sound like I was peeved? I managed to get the doorknob working and put it back together. It’s a little loose; I guess we need a new one. And deadbolts. FAR Manor is about as secure as a Dozebox. But I digress. All of our stuff was at the hotel room, except for my laptop (which Mrs. Fetched said I should have brought).

Sunday morning, no Boy, and Daughter Dearest pronounced herself fit to solo again. We decided to go ahead and go, told DD to go to the grandparents’ if she didn’t want to stay at the manor, I sighed and grabbed my laptop — Mrs. Fetched didn’t want me to leave it there if The Boy decided to retaliate somehow — and a box of oranges we’d ordered for her older sister, and we took off again. We took a nap through the late afternoon, then decided to resume our original plans to eat at Gimza’s Polish Restaurant in Norcross (the guy whose name is on the sign is a co-worker, doing two jobs and burning the candle at both ends). If you’re in the area, the restaurant is at the corner of Medlock Bridge Rd. and Spalding Drive; the parking lot segues into an adjacent Citgo station. The prices are quite reasonable (much more so than the decor suggests) and the food is very good. Mrs. Fetched, who’s usually fussy about “strange” food, is a fan.

Yesterday (Monday) was our planned shopping day. This worked out. VERY well. We didn’t have the mall to ourselves, but parking was no problem and there were no crowds. We will be doing a Monday shopping trip next year, even if there’s no 3-day weekend to go with it (we may not have another one of those for a long time, or at least until Daughter Dearest is safely in college). We got ahem, cough, and phbhblltt for the kids (neener neener, DD!), and met the sister at a Thai place to transfer the oranges. I was very good; even though I had the computer, I only used it when Mrs. Fetched was watching TV — and then, only to type up stuff I’d written instead of getting online. Much. (She asked me to pull up the weather. Really.)

Speaking of shopping… in one locale, the cops are patrolling mall parking lots and yellow-tagging vehicles that have merchandise visible on seats or floors — “in other words, vehicles that are easy targets for thieves.”

Now that’s Planet Georgia logic for you: find easy targets and make them that much easier to spot! All in the name of fighting crime, of course.


  1. Somehow I'm shaking my head and smiling all at the same time. It sounds like you had a busy/fun/frustrating/relaxed time.

    I'm glad that it (more or less) worked out. I hope Dear Daughter is doing OK.

  2. Hi FAR.

    Always look on the bright side. Only the doorknob was damaged.

    I'm glad though you and Mrs. Fetched got some time together and had a good time at the party. Plus the shopping was good to. Although I've always felt it's better to receive than give. :)

    The ticketing the cars doesn't make sense to me. Then again, going to malls doesn't either.

  3. Hey guys.

    KB, that pretty much describes the weekend. DD is doing well, except that she was late getting up this morning & bolted out the door rather quickly.

    FM, the years that we've "sponsored" a family through a local charity have been my best Christmases, so I think the giving part might be better for me in my case.

    If you looked at the article, the yellow tags they're using are the size of a sheet of paper… HUGE. You could spot one all the way across the parking lot.

  4. How's it go, "misery loves company"? Well, everytime the Boy visits he brings both.

    Maybe he needs a hobby, like inventing a artificial Apendix, that would keep him busy a while.

  5. Sounds like a mixed bag of good and bad, Far. I do hope that you can straighten things out with your son.

  6. Solar, that's a good one. A little close to home (literally), but a good one.

    Boran, I keep hoping (but don't hold my breath) that once he starts tech school next month he'll be too busy to make trouble.

  7. Hi FAR.

    Good for DD for not putting up w/ any of that. And that you were able to get away (and home and away again). I hope it gets better too ...

    As for the parking lot signs, duh.

  8. Glad you got away! And that doggone Boy - one of these days he'll figure it out.

  9. Oh, it gets better. Last night, he asks us if a friend of his (guy) can spend the night here. After some discussion, Mrs. Fetched said "OK fine." But I went out to have a look (they were in the garage), and who's with them but Snippet? And they had planned to let her sleep here too? WRONG. The smell of herbs, the non-cooking kind, was rather strong; I think the (guy) friend swallowed it with a big bite of cheeseburger.

    It's looking like we'll only have to pony up for one term of tech school… if he even shows up to enroll, that is.


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