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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pre-holiday countdown

Tomorrow is Virtual Friday. One more day, and I’m outta there for what’s left of the year! Hooray! Our department is having a little wing-ding tomorrow after work, which makes it a great day to start the Christmas madness season in earnest.

So I figured I’d bite the bullet. I was wrapping up work, and told Mrs. Fetched, “I’ll be around the whole week. If you need me in the chicken houses, whatever.”

“Daughter Dearest will be off too,” she said. “I don’t think I’ll need you.” Hooray again!

We videotaped DD’s chorus last night, then one of the band moms lined us up to tape the band concert tonight. We didn’t have the ladder last night, so we had to set up the cameras down front… as in, the bare minimum distance where I could zoom out and get the entire choir. The band mom made sure we had the ladder tonight, so we were able to set up on top of the office area (unless someone’s wearing stilts, there’s no way they could walk in front of us up there). After setting up, my phone beeped up a reminder about the Christmas party at the local bike shop. I got an invite, I suppose since I’d bought a bike there this year, and had completely forgotten about it. Mrs. Fetched said, “Go on, I can handle both cameras. For what you spent there, you need to go there.” (Like I didn’t buy one of the lowest-priced road bikes.) But… Hooray Number Three! “Just be back by 7:30 so we can pack up.” Of course, they had a sale going on; gloves were 20% off but I didn’t see a pair that jumped off the rack and promised to keep my hands warm all winter.

I got an unexpected early Christmas gift: The Boy (who has been in & out a lot lately) left a 7oz hip flask in the back of Mrs. Fetched’s car. It didn’t smell at all, but I washed it out anyway then added rum. Of course, nothing comes without a price — he ended up following through on his plan to take the speaker box out of my car, and still hasn’t put the back seat back together. I wanted the extra trunk space anyway, and was thinking about putting a pair of low-profile woofs under the seat. Not like I’m taking the car anywhere right away; the front tires are worn out.

As long as I’m not doing anything else after tomorrow, I’ll be devoting some serious time to writing. I want to put the final tweaks on a short story (The Boy’s) and send it around too. There will be a couple of Christmas parties along the way, just to make things interesting.


  1. 2 weeks? Wow. Will you be around here at all?

    (and by the way, I thought the whole copper-stealing thing was an example of crime....)

  2. Good for you!! It's nice having some time off around this time of year.

    Keep a look out for a package heading your way, I sent it via snail mail Monday, so you should have it by Wednesday and no later than Friday.

  3. Hello Far! Thanks, for being my friend! I'd also like to send you a package!!! I'll bet, I can make something you might want!

    I've learned a great deal from you, and would be honored to show my appreciation!

    Thanks so much! yooper.

  4. I would have sworn I had put a comment in here this morning. Oh well.

    Far enjoy your time off, and if the urge hits you to rake leaves, head on down to Alabama, and I'll have some waiting for you. :)

  5. KB, yeah, a couple of weeks. I'll be popping around the blogosphere from time to time. As for the crime aspect of house-stripping, it's certainly criminal activity. I have to wonder, though, if any non-violent crimes are going to be given much attention.

    Hey Solar, the package arrived yesterday as planned. Thanks! Mrs. Fetched opened it for me, so I had to make some this morning. Ah… dark-roasted coffee.

    Boran, FM, I hope you guys have a good holiday season too. Don't let the relatives run you too much (especially FM). I've got leaves of my own to rake, but they're wet. SUCH a pity.

    Yooper, it's not necessary, but if you really feel moved, you can contact me at FARfetched 58 (at) aim dot com. 'Course, I'll have to reciprocate somehow.

  6. Hey FAR.

    Have a great break -- sounds like you're starting it off in fine style w/ all those hoorays ... :)

    Oh, and seeing how FM mentioned it I might as well too -- if the urge hits you to shovel snow . . . what am I saying, no one wants to do that ... :)

  7. You got that right, O!

    I wake up in the morning, it's forty below.
    The weatherman tells me it's too cold to snow.
    I look outside, and I know he's lyin',
    My car's outta sight, and the snow's still flyin'…

    I shovel and I shovel and I shovel that snow.
    I try to get out, but my car won't go!
    I get the cabin fever when the north winds blow,
    I got to get out, but my car won't go!

    (da Yoopers, "My Car Won't Go")


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