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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Music

I did this last year in a podcast, but many of you have started reading this year. So…

Hope you enjoy it! For those of you on dialup, here’s a low-bandwidth version (700K MP3).


  1. HA! That is officially my new favorite holiday song.

  2. Ah, consideration for the bandwidth challenged. Thanks, Far.

  3. Hiya FAR.

    Yep I remember this song from last year. Great job. BTW I think the muppets have an opening. :)

  4. Hey all!

    Glad you like it. Boran, I'll pass your thanks along to archive.org, which automatically creates low-bandwidth versions of audio & video files as you upload them. If you don't mind a picture the size of Dick Tracy's two-way wrist TV, you can even watch movies over dialup.

  5. Oh… FM, there's not a website called Drunken Muppet, but there probably ought to be one.


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