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Friday, December 21, 2007

This has potential!

Via Man Eegee…

The Lakota people are seceding from the US, taking what appear to be large chunks of five states with them:

Map of the Lakota Nation

I’d like to get some popcorn and watch the fun, but this could just as easily be either boring or horrifying. It’s also a little unsettling, as (much) later episodes of FAR Future will cover the balkanization of America, including the native nations. Once again, reality is jumping the gun on me.


  1. Lots more material for you, Far. I guess that we could become 13 original colonies again, with the rest as wilderness. Good thing I'm in New York. ;-)

  2. It does sound interesting. But, I thought the same back in the 70's when a tribe sued (I think) Vermont for (I can't remember) land they should have had due to a treaty.

    It was widely/wildly reported at the time. Then nothing was heard for about 20 years (a long, long time) and then resolved in some dull way.

    I'm starting to think that this country is too damn big for reasonable governance.

  3. Boran: yeah, but you'd still have Georgia to deal with. :-D

    KB: this country is too damn big for reasonable governance is an interesting thought. The Roman Empire covered much of Europe, the north coast of Africa, and parts of the Mideast in its day; they didn't have a modern communications infrastructure but most of their territory was easily accessible by ship. But I suspect that, outside of Rome itself, the population density wasn't all that great. Perhaps the determining factor is the number of people rather than the territory?

  4. Or it might be expectations of government.

    People didn't have a lot of freedom back then. They were controlled by their station in life as well as the personalities of those in power over them.

    It seems like that level of tight control might have balanced out the Communication difficulties.

    Things would run VERY smoothly if we were interested in an authoritarian government. But we're not.

    And I don't think anyone WANTS us to be. But we've got BushCo limiting California's control over their environment.

    I just keep dreaming of a life in a country that isn't run by BushCo.


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