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Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas, Family Man!

“Sheriff’s Office.”

“Hey. Listen, my neighbor, Family Man, is hiding drugs in his woodpile?”

“Oh. Is that so?”

“Yeah. One of the logs is hollowed-out inside; he’s keeping the stuff in that.”

20 minutes later, the entire Sheriff’s department descends on Family Man’s house. They go through the entire woodpile, chopping each one open. After over an hour, they split the last log, find no drugs, and drive off disgruntled.

Our hero, who has been watching the entire operation, watches them drive away, then picks up the phone. “Hi, it’s Family Man. Thanks again for letting me use your phone!”

Merry Christmas, FM! Unfortunately, this only works once.


  1. Cute story!
    How's everybody's health at the Manor?

  2. LOL FAR.

    Yeah, how are you all doing?

  3. Hey ladies. We're doing pretty good. Mrs. Fetched's flu turned out to be the one-day variety.

    We managed to get out for the weekend, mostly, after all. Got some Christmas shopping done & got Daughter Dearest [omitted]. ;-)

  4. I'm so glad it didn't turn into Fluzilla. And you got to keep part of your weekend plans? That's great! What'd you get the rest of us?

  5. Hiya FAR.

    Now why didn't I think of that when we used the fireplaces. I'm proud of ya FAR. You've gotten into creative slacking thinking. :)

    Glad you and Mrs. Fetched are feeling better.

    Merry Christmas FAR!

  6. jajajaja, great story! Glad to hear that you and yours are not being assailed by viral critters anymore.

  7. Hey all!

    FM, I'm glad you liked it. I heard this story and immediately thought of you. My greatest fear was that you'd done it.

    I suppose I should post an update about the weekend...

  8. Yeah - update please ... I wanna know what you got Nancy ... ;)

  9. oops ... that anonymouse was me ...


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