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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pushing the Envelope (updated with photo)

The Boy has been back to pushing the envelope just as far as he can, lately. After the incident a couple weekends ago, he’s been around… oh, about 2/3 of the time. Along the way, he managed to hurt his shoulder; Mrs. Fetched took him to the doc yesterday to have it looked at. While they were there, they ran into EJ, one of The Boy’s old friends that none of us have seen for a while and one of the few we like having around (even Daughter Dearest is OK with him) — it turns out he works at the hospital (in housekeeping), so we brought him home with us. He’s been around most of the weekend.

Because of EJ, Mrs. Fetched decided The Boy could run him home today. Unfortunately, somehow Snippet got involved and hooked up with them. Because of some logistics related to where EJ lives, and where Snippet lives, she ended up coming home with The Boy. So (until I go to bed), she’s sleeping in the guest bedroom. Mrs. Fetched seems to be much more sanguine about the situation than I am; she’s snoring away while I’m trying to get into a sleeping frame of mind. At least I was able to get The Boy to go upstairs instead of starting a movie at 11:30 p.m.

Eh. It hasn’t been all about The Boy today. We had a Christmas dinner that can’t be beat and there’s even a dozen of my rolls left. Turns out my niece is once-bitten twice-shy, and managed to not scarf down a bunch like she did last year. The problem is, with all the rain we've been getting lately, I haven't been able to walk off the feasts… and it’s starting to stay on me. Oh well, the five pounds last put on are the easiest to get off. I stuck with non-meat items for supper, just bread and veggies (and one slice of pie), which tend to digest a little more quickly for me.

We’ll see what happens.


  1. Hi FAR!

    I have a feeling that come January 2nd, several of us will be working on a similar 5 pounds.

    I'm glad your kids are home safe and sound. Ours had to go to a music event downtown. I hope their cell phones are charged (the streets are snowy & icy.)

    Was this your big Christmas event? What are your plans for Christmas Eve & Christmas?

  2. Hey KB!

    That might be a good theme for the first two weeks of the new year on E4T: tossing that extra cargo overboard.

    Music event… what was it? I hope it was worthwhile; I've done my share of driving on snow/ice & it's only fun when nobody else is on the road & there's nothing to hit. Tomorrow, we're going to have another Christmas dinner that can't be beat (especially since it will be leftovers from yesterday) and we'll sling a few presents around on the The Big Day.

  3. I actually don't know how to describe the event they went to. It was something my daughter's boyfriend MC'd or something. I'm told it would make more sense if I visited his website. If I do, I'll post the link here.

    I'm assuming they made it back OK. Her door's closed & the dog's not in the living room....

    I'm feeling pissy, but at least I'm not as fat as I thought I was. I'm at the same +3 pounds I've been at since the first of December.

    My youngest brother & wife seem to have banned me from his family. And I've got no idea why. I've cried on my sister's shoulders and they don't really get it either.

    I can almost see where a mis-understanding happened. But, since THEY were in control through the whole thing, I don't get how THEY decided to be offended by it.

    Here's the deal, they didn't have time for me to visit their new baby last summer. Every suggestion (from me) for a visit wasn't a good time. (in fact the time we set a date, I called that day to verify and 'she' was shocked that I thought they'd be there. And I made the date with her!) So, I stopped asking.

    But, they never asked me to come.

    And I think they're mad that I haven't spent any time with the child.

    But, how exactly is that supposed to happen? I actually don't get it.

    AND they're having a Baptism thing & supposedly invited EVERYONE -- even the siblings from the coast. But, not me. Not me.


  4. Sheesh. Sounds like that's gone beyond a simple malcommunication to… well, I'm not sure it's gone all the way to assholery, but it's getting close. {{{KB}}} I'm here if you want to talk. You know the email; I'll be around this afternoon some too....

  5. Hey, I'm probably going to have those same five pounds. If I lose one of them, and katiebird loses one, and far loses one . . . won't that count as three, since they're the same five pounds?

    Katiebird, what a miserable turn of events. I'm so sorry.

  6. {{FAR}} Thank you so much. I was starting to feel like a freak.

  7. Hi Nancy. It's just one of those days, I guess. It'll probably all melt away to nothing by this time next year.

    I wish I was the sort to just let it all roll off my back....

    Hey! At least we pretty much lucked out with the weather, didn't we? Our lights flickered pretty seriously a couple of times. But we never lost them completely.

  8. Will one of your other sibs say something to them about this, kb? Or maybe you wouldn't want them to?

    The sun is shining!

  9. Oh, yes -- 2 of my sisters sent the SIL an email pointing out that she'd left off one brother & me. And giving her our email addresses in case they were too hard to find....

    SIL replied to her almost instantly that SIL had no idea that I'd been left off and that she had already heard back from my brother. Well, it's been 3 days since then. And she still hasn't sent me an invitation. And another sis sent a similar message yesterday.

    I'm so pathetic that I compulsively checked my spam filter until about 3pm yesterday.

    ALSO (I forgot this) they had a family gathering last summer to show off the baby. And I wasn't invited to that either. But, the day before My Brother sent a sis an email asking her to 'remind' me of the party.

    So I sort of wonder how much of all this he's even aware of. Are there too many pronouns in this story?

    Well, I'm not crying anymore. It's just too sad that I'll never see the baby as an infant.

  10. Save some of those delicious looking rolls for me!

  11. Hey folks! After church I had to run to lunch, then the chickens, then supper, then watch a movie… and there goes the day!

    KB, I'm glad I could be there for you when you needed it. You've got a second family out here in The Tubes when you need us, remember....

    Nancy, I'm going to be almost-vegetarian for the rest of the week. That will get me started in the right direction.

    Boran, I managed to keep a couple stashed away for you. Like I said at Nancy's, the challah bread is up next.

  12. {{FAR}} Boy, did I need you this morning! Wow. You did GOOD. Thank you very, very much.

    You had an incredible day -- everything from Chickens to the North Pole!

    I'm going now. I don't have the will-power to resist your bread!


  13. Hey FAR, those look delicious. No wonder scarfing occurs ... :-)

  14. Hey Far! You bet, those rolls look delicious! I was thinking about sending you some pasties, somehow.. Oh well, you're having such a ball with the boy! ha! ha! The kid is coming over tonight for the annual Christmas eve thing. Hopefully, he'll keep his yap shut long enough for the rest of us to enjoy ourselves. Of course, we should all listen to his great wisdom of 33 yrs and just ignore the fact, he's homeless and a vagabond. Gee, they even call him,"the gypsy" down at the tattoo parlor. ha! What's the real shame is, he cannot even see this!

    Since he got ran over on his bicycle last summer, he's been play'en oh poor me, can't work, gotta call my lawyer thing.

    I suppose, the greatest gift of all is that this kid is'nt jammed-up our ass's and living under our roof. At least he's not making Mrs. Yooper's life and mine, miserable...

    Merry Christmas Far! yooper

  15. Oh, how good it is to have friends…

    {{{KB}}} that's pretty much all I need to say. :-)

    Olivia, yes, they are quite good. I'm getting the hang of making them right; the secret seems to be to roll them out thin enough so that they don't just flop open as they're rising.

    Yooper, oooo… pasties would be sooo good. Kind of hard to mail them, though. Maybe a recipe?


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