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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How cool!

I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

“The most splendidly pointless space experiment of all time” — and they expect it to survive the trip down!


  1. Hello Far! If I find the plane during my travels in the woods, I'll be sure to send it to ya! ha! Over the years I've found many ballons and just wonder where did they come from? One such ballon came from the Times Square New Years celebration!

    Thanks, yooper oh btw, Dick's fondest memories were when he was a young man during the Depression.

  2. Hey Far! Sharon has a very good article (however lengthy)over at the Drum, "Is Relocation Doomed?..."

    Thanks, yooper

  3. Hey Yooper, thanks for thinking about me. I was thinking how cool it would be to see it coming down, get pictures, video, etc. Chances are probably similar to hitting the lotto, but hey.

    I saw Stuart's article, on which Sharon's is based, but haven't gotten around to reading Sharon's yet. I don't agree with Stuart's stance at all — fuel prices are hitting chicken farms pretty hard already. The poultry companies are giving fuel allowances but how long is it going to be before it costs more to put a chicken on the shelf than people are willing to pay?

  4. Hey Far, Like you, I don't agree with this at all either. When it costs more to put a chicken on the self than what the market will bear, then they won't be making chickens long, in that enviroment. That is, I don't see Stuart's agruement as even being feasible without changing the present enviroment first. He does makes some strong points on his thoughts of "Fallacy of Reversibility". Oh, oh, suppose he's leaning towards a "controlled descent" theory? I'll just bet it'll come crashing down, just like your plane! ha!ha!

    Thanks, yooper

  5. Hi FAR, hi yooper.

    FAR -- what an interesting link! LOL, I remember doing those messages in a balloon when I was a kid in public school. We'd put the address of the school, and whoever rec'd the balloon would write to let us know where they found it.

  6. Very interesting experiment. I'll bet that plane ends up on ebay.

  7. But what if the paper airplane gets caught in a solar updraft and floats away into space and a passing spacecraft takes it away with them and some tiny microbes kill them and many of their families and the remaining ones decide that this was an ingenious attempt to kill them off by the people of that little planet and they plot revenge to destroy us?

    We've got to get PETA on our side and attack that Japanese lab doing these experiments. Otherwise, it is possible that they will lead to our doom.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  8. Hiya FAR.

    I wonder how large that paper plane will be? Notebook paper size or the size of a car.

  9. Hey FAR, Family Man and olivia! Gee, Far maybe Family Man's right, that baby could be the size of a 70's Lincoln! In that case forget about me sending it to ya! ha! Is was assuming it would be like the prototype, 8 centimeters long (less than 4 inches) and figured if I found it, I'd just put it my back pocket and mail it to ya in a padded envelope!ha!ha!

  10. Hey all!

    Yooper, I’m going to write up that rebuttal this weekend and post it probably early next week.

    FM, I'm assuming (ha) that the plane won't be too big; they have to send it up to the ISS, after all.

    Olivia, that sounds like fun. What was the farthest-away response that you got?

    Boran… if it doesn't end up in the ocean, I'd guess it will end up on eBay. Along with a few dozen fakes.

    Rick: I DARE you to write that story! :-D

  11. Speaking of stuff falling to the earth, did you see this:

    Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth

  12. Olivia...You can't imagine the number of thoughts that popped into my head.

    Far...I thought about writing a story about the paper flying plane, but the only partical plot that pops into my head is a love story between a male PETA member (who secretly eats meat on the side and a female Japanese scientist who keeps getting paper cuts from folding model paper airplanes and how they survive the attack by the aliens because of the protective after-affects of eating tripe.

    Then my mind goes blank.


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