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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

snowscapeYou know you’re in the South when the forecast includes an inch of snow and it’s the Top Story in the media.

I grabbed a treadmill in the workout room at the office late in the afternoon; I came back to people lined up along the windows. They had roped off half the parking lot along the side of the building today, so I figured they were doing something interesting with a crane. Seeing nothing like that, I said, “what’s going on?”

“Snow!” one of the gawkers said. Yup. Flake-here-flake-there, but it was snow. The morning forecast said “little or no accumulation,” so I really wasn’t paying much attention. I lived in Michigan the first 22 years of my life, so light flurries were nothing to marvel at.

About 5 o’clock, The Boy called. “It’s snowing pretty heavy out there now. It’s starting to stick to the ground, and it’s blowing around on the roads, too.” I looked out the window again: still light flurries, more than before but nothing to worry about. “OK,” I told him. “Nothing like that here though.”

Not ten seconds after he hung up, Daughter Dearest called. “It’s snowing a lot out here. I’m coming home from [her job]. You need to start coming home.”

“OK, nothing like that here, but I’ll be leaving in ten minutes or so. Just be careful going downhill and over the bridges.”

Five minutes later, Mrs. Fetched: “It’s snowing heavily here. They’re saying we could get six inches. When are you leaving?”

“In a few minutes. I have to do a photo shoot, so I’ll work at home tomorrow anyway.”

So much for “little or no accumulation” — by the time I got to town, snow was sticking to the ground and covered the used car lot. About five miles from home, it started sticking to the road too. A traction check told me there was nothing to worry about… except for the guy in the pickup truck in front of me who slowed to 25 whenever he saw a patch of snow. Sheesh.

So I got home. The Boy had left class a bit later than he should have, so he called about an hour later and said he’d fishtailed outside of town and went back to spend the night with a friend. Mrs. Fetched was, shall we say, less than thrilled.

We didn’t get six inches of snow, but we got an inch & a half. The crazy rhododendron bush has already had a bloom cycle interrupted by a hard freeze; I suppose we’ll be snapping these buds off too. It doesn’t care.


  1. Hi Farfbob :-) Yes, I am still lurking around here. Gorgeous picture. I did read about the snow in the south - Big News! But then, last winter when we had nearly a full week of overnight freezing weather in So Cal complete with scraping ice off windshields on cars left outside at night, it was Huge News too.

  2. Bina! Good to see you around these parts!

    I can imagine freezing weather being news in SoCal… much as it is in Kuwait and Iran right now.

  3. And up north we wouldn't even notice it until it gets to like 6 inches.

  4. Snow! :)

    Glad you all made it home safely. When you're not used to the weather, it can be dangerous. Geez, when it's sunny up here, you should see us ... ;-)

  5. Hi Boran & Olivia! Yeah, it's crazy here when it snows. It's even crazier if it's something you've grown up with, and take in stride while everyone around you is freaking out. "WHY ARE YOU GOING OUT IN THAT???"

  6. Hiya FAR.

    They're saying we might get a little snow down here tomorrow morning. I don't believe it myself, but just in case, I've got to get some batteries for the camera. :)

  7. Hey Far! Kinda enjoyed your snow article! ha! Here in the North Country, we're probably approaching the 100 inch mark for the season.... If it was'nt for the prolonged thaws we've had, we'd probably have over 2 feet of snow on the level, as of now maybe only a foot. However, that could change over night and getting 18 inches of the white stuff is common.

    Due to what I believe is global warming, our annual snow fall has been halved. When I was a child, it was common to see snow fall in the 200+ inch range, over at Houghton, 300+. After shoveling the snow from roofs many people had to tunnel in to get into their home! Of course travel was only limited to where it was plowed or shoveled, as it is pretty much now.

    I really look foward to the snows of the season and enjoy the isolated effect it brings in this part of the country! Time to unwind and relax!

    Ha! No time for relaxation yet! As I've got to get the old John Deere, snowblower going...We got probably 6 inches last night! After that, maybe a little snowmachine ride...

    Thanks, yooper

  8. Hey guys!

    FM, definitely get those batteries. I'm sure everyone wants to see pix of the snow around your pond!

    Yooper, I was in Houghton one winter when they got close to 400 inches. That was quite a winter. Coming back from Christmas break, they'd closed M-28 west of Munising & routed everyone on M-94. Going down M-94 was like going down a tunnel with no roof — the plows made sheer walls of snow, 8-10' high, on either side of the road. If you lost traction, no problem, as long as there wasn't any oncoming traffic — just keep the car straight, bounce off a wall, and keep going.

    Down in SW Michigan, where I grew up, the snow doesn't stay around like it used to when I was a kid. It comes and goes instead of continuous Dec-Feb coverage.

    You ought to invite Family Man up for a visit; he likes snow. :-)

  9. Yes Far! Family Man, is welcomed to come to my home anytime, as a guest of honor! I can show him things that most men only imagine or dream about....

    Family Man, that is an invite...

    Thanks, yooper


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