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Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend Cinema

Short, free, and you don’t even have to leave the seat you’re in now! (Wow… has it really been November since I posted one of these?)

I’ve mentioned Stranger Things before — it’s a video podcast that (in their own words) “depicts a world of ordinary people stumbling into the secret lives of the paranormal, the metaphysical, the unnatural, and the strange.” Imagine a 21st-century version of The Twilight Zone, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’s about.

The episode I’m highlighting here, One of Those Faces, would be up for an Academy Award for Best Short if there were any justice in the world. Good story, fantastic ending. A little less than 16 minutes means you can take it in at some odd moment. Check out the other episodes; they’re all good but the first two have rather dark endings.

I’m not sure what facilities they have for dialup — perhaps a DVD will be coming soon?


  1. Cool, Far. I'll have to steal some of my neighbor's bandwidth.

  2. Yes, Boran, this is well worth "borrowing" some bandwidth for. If Mrs. Fetched and I both agree on something, it's probably right on. :-)

  3. Hiya FAR.

    I have medium speed wide band, but every time I try to down load it, it's slower than dial up. I'm going to keep trying because I figure if you and Mrs. Fetched agree, I need to see it then.

  4. Hey FAR! Of course, we're on dial-up out here! Just a step beyond of having to shimmy up a pole to make a call, like on "Green Acres"! ha! Maybe, Mr. Cheney, can help me out?! ha! ha!

    Thanks, yooper

  5. Wow, FM, slower than dialup? I can't imagine that I've got enough readers to cause a Slashdot effect. :-) Maybe your ISP is throttling video sites during primetime hours?

    Yooper, I never thought we'd get DSL out here. Hang in there, you might see it happen! Or there are other ways to get broadband into remote areas…

  6. Thanks for the link, FAR! I don't know what I'm waiting for, I'd like to get everything through my HD dish...that's just around the corner they say. I'm seriously thinking about going high speed with the power company..

    Thanks, yooper

  7. Hey there Far, I'll have to check that site out when I get DSL going sometime soon. I've never heard of that stuff but it sounds worth a look!

    Been so busy the past month or so that my weekends have been worthless (e.g. used for sleep). At least Saturday we had a double dose of the new season of Dr. Who on BBC. Good stuff!

  8. Hey hey!

    Yooper, if the power company offers high speed, it's probably worth getting. Depends on how much stuff you want to do online. Since I work from home, DSL is really handy (those times when I do it twice a week saves enough gas to pay for the DSL).

    IVG, good to see you back on the Tubes. Gosh, sleeping on weekends… sounds heavenly!


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