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Friday, January 18, 2008

What part of…

“Come home alone by 7” did The Boy not understand? I’m guessing two parts, “by 7” and “alone.”

As I mentioned Wednesday night, The Boy found some slick stuff on the way home. We were expecting him to call and tell us, “I’m in a ditch,” but instead it was “I fishtailed, so I went back to DJ’s” (a friend in town). Mrs. Fetched wasn’t thrilled, but she also didn’t follow through on her threat to come get the car either. I guess she realized I couldn’t drive two vehicles home.

I had already set myself up to work at home yesterday, since I needed to take some photos for work, so I didn’t get out. School was out, but Daughter Dearest is pretty quiet anyway and I was too busy working to notice how quiet… too quiet… it was. In fact, I didn’t close up the work laptop until around 9pm. (Working at home has its drawbacks, sometimes.)

So I brought the laptop out into the living room to enjoy the fire, and thought maybe I’d get to bed around 10:30 and get a decent amount of sleep for a change. It Was Not To Be: about 11:30, we saw and heard The Boy roll in. But he didn’t come inside right away. “Why isn’t he in?” Mrs. Fetched asked… which is Wifese for “go see what he’s doing.” I put on my robe and fuzzy feet, figuring I could warm my legs up on her legs when I got back in bed. :-P But when I saw The Boy smoking a cig with J and (aw geeeeez) Snippet, I slammed the door and went back in.

After telling Mrs. Fetched what had happened, I didn’t get a chance to put my cold legs on her warm ones: she got up and locked the door. Naturally, I’d forgotten to turn off my smellphone, so he shortly called it. Then popped the lock on the door, somehow. (I’ve written about security at FAR Manor before.)

The mood wasn’t much better the next morning when Mrs. Fetched went upstairs to find The Boy and Snippet crashed out on his bed. Clothed, fortunately — J was also in the room, but still. They know where the guest bedroom is (downstairs), and that’s where Snippet should have been. She’s blonde, but not that blonde. However, she brought a bad cold — or maybe the flu — with her, so Mrs. Fetched was inclined to let her stay here. (Her mom is living in a camper right now.) But The Boy has lost his driving privileges, for at least as long as Mrs. Fetched finds it convenient.


  1. Hi FAR,
    How blond is that blond. And what does thatmean?


  2. My sis has a stepson who lives in that same world, 16 going on dumb. With no hope of improving. You gotta wonder what goes through their minds. Especially when they're NOT dumb to begin with.

    Sending lots of patient vibes to FAR Manor.

  3. Gee! You and Mrs. FAR are having just too much fun with The Boy!!! I'm just green with envy! He seems to always come through to keep you two on your toes! Never a dull moment! You can't buy that kind of entertainment! That's the spice in life, Far! ha!ha!

    Um, did you say cozy up to the fire?!!

    Thanks, yooper

  4. Hey all…

    KB, she knows where the guest bedroom is, and she knows that's where she's supposed to go at bedtime. A brain fart is one thing, but I can't imagine a brain fart large enough to make her forget that. IOW, she did as she pleased & not what we expect of her (and him). Ah, that reminds me… I need to add her to the "who's who" post. Maybe a picture.

    Beth, he's actually a little better than he used to be. If he's still doing pot, he doesn't have access to it like he used to… and his booze intake is limited, too.

    Yooper, you don't have to envy us. I'd love to send him up that way. He's always wanted to do some snowboarding, anyway. ;-) Yeah, we have a fire going. The Wednesday night snow is gone, but we're getting some replacement as I type.

  5. Hiya FAR.

    I thought I had commented over here earlier. Snow excitement must have gotten to me. :)

    It just never stops does it FAR? I'm figuring once The Boy finally settles down and is trying to make it, then you can pull off this crap on him. Go into his house and turn all the light on, leave the fridge door open, or get the keys to his car and take it when you want.

    Better yet, if he gets married and has kids, spoil the every living heck out of the grandkids. That'll teach him. :)

  6. Wow. I think even on my worst day I was not half the troublemaker The Boy seems to be on his best. ;)

  7. "Lost his driving privileges" for how long? An hour? LOL :)


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