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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inserting an Insert, Part 2

When the weekend comes, use Rust-Oleum
— Ad jingle from the '60s

Painted insert, front viewThe sun was shining, a beautiful beginning to the weekend. After a slow morning, taking our time dragging around, I grabbed the spray can and a roll of masking tape, and got to work.

Being in a hurry to get started, I elected to start painting on the side(s) that didn’t have any labelling to worry about. That took all of five or ten minutes, then I had to put down the spray can (my fingertip was already black) and pick up the masking tape.

Painted insert; rear viewAfter masking off the labels here and there, I got at it. After painstakingly attempting to fold a round piece of paper to mask the decorative ceramic thing on the door, I realized that two bendable tabs held it on. [DUHHH ← me.] I painted the door and finished the insert… by this time, the paint can was getting pretty light but no problems.

With the insert painted, I went back to the drill and attacked the trim panel. This turned out to be slightly more difficult than I’d anticipated: I had to lift the edges up off the driveway to get to them. But perseverance paid off in the end, and I hung it up and hit it with the spray can. The spray began to stutter about 3/4 of the way through, but I (barely) managed to get it done before all I got was a hissss.

The instructions on the can say to wait “less than one hour, or more than 48 hours between coats.” I got the new can today, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to finish it up. I think there's a couple of places that need to be smoothed off first anyway.


  1. Conratulations, Far! There's quite a difference between the before and after photos. Enjoy the insert.

  2. Hey Boran. I plan to, I plan to!

    Especially since Mrs. Fetched will probably do most of the fire-starting. :-D

  3. Hey Far! Gee, that baby looks just like the one in the advertizement I sent ya! Looks brand new!

    Ha! Heck, I would not worry to much about the finish at this point, until that baby is installed. It's very likely it'll get scratched-up fitting it into your fireplace. Glad you went with the black as it touchs up just fine.

    Your "keeping the house warm" worries are over. Never have to worry about that again, what a relief, eh? One more less thing, eh? Besides that, you have and alternative place to cook on! Added bonus for sure! ha! Now go out and buy a little "camp oven", that way you can make your rolls on it!!

    Way to go, FAR!!!!

    Thanks, yooper

  4. Thanks, Yooper. Good point about scratches during the installation; I need to get that lined up too. At this point, I'm a coat of paint and a gasket away from having it done.

    Camp oven — is that the same thing as a Dutch oven? I've got one of those, but it might be a little large to put under that hood area.

    I never got the advert - FARfetched58 at aim dot com, right?

  5. Hey Far! Did you read Kunstler's last article,"Disarray"? I think he's reading you posts!! Check it out!

    The "camp oven" that I have in mind sits on top of the stove or over an open fire, real small. I have one somewhere...think I got it at Wally World..Shame on me!!

    Thanks, yooper

  6. Looks snazzy, far!! Good job!

  7. Hey ho!

    Yooper, yeah I caught Kunstler yesterday. Good to see him talking about solutions for a change. I think he's too fixated on railroads, though — we'll have to adapt the infrastructure we've got at first, and that leads to what I call RoadTrain.

    Hey Beth, good to see you back! Looks like you posted lots of stuff last night, I'll have to go read and admire pictures of tropical venues.

  8. Hey Far! Yup, I think you're right about adjusting to the exsisting infrastructure first, providing we have the time... I think you got a little into this over at the Archdruid's? I'm very interested in your thoughts about,"Road Train". Is it anything like the "road train" we have going in Iraq?

    Btw, the "old horseman" has come forth with what he thinks the furture might look like, over a l.a.t.o.c., in discussions, under best of forum. Here he describes a highway system interconnecting major cities and military bases, etc. His view is a very common one too, "controled", versus my "natural" or chaotic collapse.

    Thanks, yooper

  9. I'm jealous, ya know. I've been thinking of getting one for my fireplace. I'll sit back and watch how much time and energy it takes you. That's determine whether I get my chimney extended or not.

  10. how does one go about getting a glass window for this model, I have asked around, and no one seems to know? If anyone does know, let me in on the secret, I am roger at rogerdriscoll2009@hotmail.com and could would sure like to be able to view some fire, thanks, roger

  11. Welcome to the free-range insane asylum, Roger!

    One of the joys of dealing with discontinued products is that it can be hard to find accessories to fit it. Glass windows were one of those things that not everyone had. If you luck into two, let me know and I'll grab the other one!


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