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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse [UPDATED]

Lunar eclipse (~40%)Of course it would be a cloudy night,
with a lunar eclipse happening tonight!

This was the best I could do. I had better (less) cloud cover earlier, but all I had then was my cellphone and that didn't work so good.

UPDATE: About an hour and a half later, just past totality, it cleared up and I got another shot that I didn't have to fight the clouds for.


  1. Wow, that's great with a cell phone, far! I just spent an hour watching it, until it was completely covered and the pavement got cold. It was very cool - and very red! My first one. Hope you were able to see more of it later.

  2. That's actually a pretty good photo, Far. And now I'm off the read the latest installment of Far Future.

  3. That's my regular camera. The cellphone shots weren't even worth saving, even though there were fewer clouds.

    W00T, it's cleared up and it's just past totality! Off to get a couple more shots…

  4. here alas the bright clear skys of last week went away and the cloud returned so I saw nothing of the eclipse. I have gathered a few videos together on my blog in compensation.

  5. Thanks, KB!

    Mandy, my pal Oliviahad clear skies in Ottawa and got some better shots.

    Things did clear up a bit after totality, so I got a few more shots before the camera batteries died. I'll post an update in a while.

  6. Hiya FAR.

    Those are some great shots FAR. It was too cloudy here to see it. I think I like the first one with clouds best. Looks much more mysterious.

  7. Thanks, Olivia!

    FM, my major beef with the first one (the clouds) is that the clouds obscure the shadowed part of the moon too much. It pretty much looks like a moon at half-phase. Glad you like it though!


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