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Friday, February 15, 2008

TB01 (Maybe this one will last)

Mrs. Fetched is getting better now. [cue SFX: stadium cheer] She wasn’t quite up to prom dress shopping with Daughter Dearest as planned, but she did get out of the house with DD to pay some bills and the like. Seeing that her world of the previous 48 hours was the living room, hallway, and our bedroom (mostly the living room), this is a big improvement.

But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. I’m here to tell you about The Boy.

The Boy, as always, was gone all last weekend. But come Monday, he didn’t show up in the evening as usual — with or without Snippet. He swung by late Wednesday evening, when I would have been at choir practice except that I was looking after Mrs. Fetched.

“I got an apartment with [two other guys],” he told me. “I’m just here to get some clothes and stuff.”

[cue SFX: stadium cheer with The Wave] TB01!

It was pretty cold that particular night, and I found his heavier jacket for him and made sure he took it along. He also picked up a loaf of bread (not a problem) and some CDs (ditto). I didn’t think to ask him if he’d found a job, and he didn’t volunteer the information. He had said last week that one of his friends’ grandparents were going to pony up for an apartment, so he may have been straight with us. If so, they could be on the hook just for food & utilities. I hope they know (or learn) how to cook. This time of year, it would be ridiculously easy to cook: buy a crock pot, dump meat & veggies in it in the morning, come in & eat it for supper. I never could get him & M.A.E. to stand still long enough to show them how to eat cheap & healthy; maybe if he comes by and complains about groceries, he’ll be willing to listen.

I really hope this works out for him. Taking care of himself will teach him responsibility more effectively than we ever could.


  1. Hopefully this will work out for him, Far. If nothing else, it will be a good learning experience.

  2. Fingers crossed for all of you! I'm hoping this will be a good year in the "get the boy out of the house" club :-)

  3. Amazingly enough, he came by again shortly after I posted, to pick up some more stuff. Like his meds.

    He says he's about to start working with a landscaping company, so at least he has *some* income. They're already talking about getting a better place when they have enough for a deposit and rent. And they're actually cooking for themselves!

    I offered to show him how to make bread some time. He didn't seem too interested.

  4. Hi FAR.

    I think this is a good thing. I know I really didn't start to get it together until I moved out and got a job. Hopefully he'll take this to heart and run with it.

  5. Zippy-to-do-da-zippy-de-eh, my oh, my! what a beautiful day! ha!

  6. LOL, Yooper!

    FM, that's my hope too.

    Funny, I think I've seen more of him since he moved out than in the previous week when he was "here."

    Now if I can just get his old iMac fixed....

  7. Ok Far, tell ya what, lets trade problems for awhile, I'll send you the 5th year, 34 year old, professional student, for The Boy and I'll even throw in Snippet in the offer! ha! ha! You support him and I'll support The Boy and his girlfriend! What do ya say? ha! ha!

    Thanks, in advance for you're consideration, yooper

  8. Yeah, Yooper, now that he's *moved out* you offer to trade? Heh... ;-)

  9. Hey Far! ha! The "Kid" is living with his buddies, thank God! Him and Mrs. Yooper just can't get along under the same roof, so he's been out for quite awhile. But that doesn't mean that she's not giving him a Jackson here and there, buying smokes, clothes, food, etc... ha! ha!

    Do you suppose we're typical of most American famlies? ha!

    Thanks, yooper

  10. Hey Solar, He was hit by a car while riding his bike last summer. He's suppose to go back to Grand Rapids to start school again, we'll see.

    Like I tell him, it's better to be a professional student than a nobody....

    Maybe, one of these days he'll add 'er up.

    Thanks, yooper

  11. So good news on both fronts finally eh FAR? Glad to see it! Also good to hear Mrs. Fetched is on the mend ... there have been too many bugs going around this year, just like snow. (We got 6" more w/slush and ice Sat night. Now it's mostly ice.)

    You're such a good dad to TB. Seriously. Maybe you all have finally found the levels of firm and support you needed. And that TB is setting out on his is probably just what he needed! One does tend to experience shock at first, but then responsibility (if one is lucky). All that to say good on you and here's hoping it works out well for both you and Mrs. F and most of all TB!

  12. yooper, sorry to hear about your son, but I was wondering if "Farfetched's The Boy" was still in school.

  13. Hey Solar, IVG…

    Solar, yeah he's still in school. I think he likes it.

    IVG, thanks. I sure hope this gives him some perspective on stuff. He came by again today, looking to try to earn a few bucks. He says he has a job lined up doing pizza delivery (there's a real money maker), but he has no car. Um… right.

  14. (waving) Hi FAR, It sounds like I've missed a lot in the last couple of weeks.

    I'm glad Mrs Fetched is feeling better. It seems like we've both been sick for about the same time. I hope she continues to do well. It's nice that your weather is improving. That's gotta help.

    Yooper, I don't know about other families, but we've got two grown kids (ages 30 & 25) living with us and before that the oldest lived here (well on granny's side) during the years that he had 2 kids (age 21-27.) Anytime we work things out so someone leaves Granny asks them to live with her (and she lives with us....)


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