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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Weekend Cinema

“WTF?” — FARfetched

“That’s just WEIRD.” — Daughter Dearest

So some guy who calls himself “Buffalax” took a music video from India and added subtitles consisting of English that sort of sounds like what they’re singing.

So grab some popcorn, but put down the drinks for this one… and maybe you’ll figure out who put the goat in there.


  1. Oh my. The funny thing is, I know people who could interpret the original lyrics for each one.

    How did jury duty end up? I've been called five times, the last one for Federal Court some years ago. I guess I've had my lifetime jury exposure.

  2. Hiya FAR.

    I've read through all the posts I've missed. The FAR Future was really good. I like people helping out each other.

    We've got flu going on here, but I hope things are going well there.

    Take care.

  3. Hey FM!

    Too bad about the flu, hope it goes away soon! Except for an emergency chicken house trip to replace a stripped gearbox in a feedline auger system, it's been OK here.

    Stay warm & drink a lot (of water, unfortunately)!

  4. Jury duty ending up being 4 hours of waiting around while they plea-bargained all the cases. They didn't end up needing any juries that day. I was really interested in seeing how the process worked, too.

    There is flu here, too. Everybody I know is or was sick. I'm getting over a particularly long and uncomfortable bout, hoping my voice comes back before Friday, because my band has a gig and I have to sing.

  5. Good luck with that, Paulo!

    My son dreams of being in a band. He needs to get his act together first, though.

  6. Wow. That was fun. Not sure I'd trust those subtitles though. I'm sure they're much more banal if we really did understand the Hindi.

    Have to say, I'd never have seen this if it weren't for you, FAR. :-)

  7. Hey IVG. I have a co-worker buddy whom I've pointed the video to. I'm hoping he'll get me a "real" translation.


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