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Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Cinema

A blah ending to a crappy week… but hey, blah is an improvement, right? Things are getting better going into the weekend! We hope.

I always get a chuckle out of this video, even if I don’t understand the lyrics. The only question I have is, are those Mao jackets or Meow jackets?


  1. Wow Far, I would have never imagined you were a Laibach fan! I flirted with that band (well, not literally, they are German) briefly back in my industrial thump phase in music (in those far mists of the past we call the 80s).

    Yep, it's good for a chuckle, that's for sure! Thanks for reminding my synapses of some of the old stuff.

  2. Oops Far, that was IVG there. I was inadvertently logged in to my gmail.. been happening a bit lately since I got that addy!

  3. No problem, IVG. You might try hooking your Gmail up to Blogger; when they transitioned to new Blogger, they gave me that option & it was easy-peasy.

    Oh yeah, I love stuff with a heavy beat. Mostly trance and drum&bass these days (I bought that Pendulum album on iTunes & love it). I'm also trying to hunt up my 3-CD set of "Clubber's Guide to Goa Trance" because I never got around to ripping it. I hope The Boy didn't take it… I texted him about it this morning but haven't heard back.


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