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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mrs. Fetched is Sick

Mrs. Fetched decided this morning that she had me take her to the doctor about whatever it is she has.

He isn’t sure!

It’s not the flu, and it’s not strep throat. Probably a bacterial thing, but who knows? A couple of prescriptions and she’s actually getting some rest for a change. I just wish she was healthy and getting some rest.


  1. I am sending my best good health vibrations to Mrs Fetched. I hope she is feeling better ASAP.

  2. Feel better soon, Mrs.Fetched.

  3. From California to New York… Mrs. Fetched gets good vibes!

    Thanks, guys!

  4. Hello Far! My vibes to Mrs. Fetched!!! Could it be the wood smoke? Check it out, Far! I'm sure she'll be just fine, anyone that can wrestle a tractor downhill, has got to be alright!!!
    Sincerely my best wishes, yooper

  5. Best wishes to Mrs. Fetched from our house... we've both had a nasty bug for the last couple of weeks ourselves. Hoping it's indeed bacterial for Mrs. Fetched ... I have big complaints about antibiotic overuse, but that comes with my work experience ... way too over prescribed. Viral here, so we're just hacking along until it leaves the house.

    Big news from our house: we're almost completely networked here with a fast DSL connection, so keep those links coming for movies, eh? Could never take advantage of them before now.

    Our company is going 100% virtual this week, thus the sudden change here. But loving the 7mbps so far!

  6. Hey all.

    Yooper, I don't *think* it's the wood smoke. That's never bothered her before, and we used the fireplace quite a bit. She would have said something if the smoke was bothering her, she's never been shy about letting us know she doesn't like something! Her mom has asthma, and they had to stop using their wood stove some years ago, but she's been over here quite a bit lately & it's not bothering her.

    IVG, I know what you mean about overprescribed. Then people stop taking them before they're done completely, and presto! super-bugs! I know you're gonna enjoy that DSL… go hit archive.org and you'll probably burn up that line! :-)

    Solar, BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!! :-P

  7. Hey Far, if she has a high fever, it could be strains A or B or both A&B of the flu. She might have to go to the hosital to get these tests, to see if she tests positive.

    Thanks, yooper

  8. Hiya FAR.

    I hope Mrs. Fetched gets to feeling better very soon. With all the stuff you have to take care of, having someone sick makes it doubly hard. Take care of Mrs. Fetched, but be sure to take care of yourself so you don't come down with anything.

  9. Sending Mrs Fetched some get well vibes from across the border!

  10. Hey all. She's getting better now — she stole my bowl of ice cream this evening, and got out with Daughter Dearest this afternoon, so she's at least getting interested in life again. Maybe it's 'cause I picked her up some live flowers for VD yesterday.

    Yooper, the doc said she'd tested negative for flu, he figured it was some bacterial thing.

    FM, I'm trying to take care of myself. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind getting sick, just so I could get some rest! :-D

    Olivia, thanks. The well-wishes have gone international!


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